Midnight March Madness is in the House


Springtime. College Basketball, Steroids, and now this.

March Madness has taken on a whole new meaning.

I couldn't even get in bed last night but it wasn't because a number two seed was on the verge of losing their ticket to the big dance.

The sanity of the House of Representatives was on the free throw line.

11:00 MSNBC Hardball C. Mathews W/ C. Crawford, P. Buchanan
I love when Buchanan is so worked up over something that his horns begin to show. Good Point Craig, "Exactly what is the medical state of Terri??" "Is this a Right-To-Life Case or a Right-To-Die Case??"

11:04 C-SPAN James McDermott (D-Wash)
I didn't know he was a psychiatrist, Figure he knows better than to make a diagnosis without seeing the patient, he could lose his license. Wonder if Bill Frist knows that??

11:09 Renzi (R-Ariz)
Who exactly dresses the Republicans at this hour? Perfect hair, pressed suits, stockings and skirts for the ladies. Shouldn't they be at home with their children???
This is becoming an event.

11:11 Souder (R-Ind)
"He's A Killer" "Right-To-Life"
This really is a battle between the house Repubs and Michael Shiavo; in a battle that he can't possibly win. The nasty things I've heard in the past few minutes would be questionable on NYPD Blue. Good luck Pal.

11:12 Frank (D-Mass)
I like Barney, but it's hard to take the lisp seriously. "This is not a legislative measure" sounds funny from him. Sorry.

11:15 CNN
WOW, Even Judy Woodruff has her stuff working on a Sunday night. Here I am, in PJ's and Judy's collar looks freshly starched. Madness.

MSNBC Hardball
Chris is so good at tripping up someone whom nobody has ever seen before. This particular spokestooth just can't keep up with him. (NOTE TO HER. Sorry that I didn't catch your name, but you were utterly forgettable.)
P. Buchanan - "Somebody who loves his wife doesn't want them dead."
Nice Shot Pat. I guess that this applies to each American that has to make this exact decision each and every day, without your commentary or congressional action.

"The husband has two kids with another woman!!"
UMMMMM...... so do half of your constituents. Didn't catch your name either, so I'll give you one. "STUPID"

11:20 C-SPAN Shays (R-Conn)
"Either way I vote, I am acting like God..... Why Only Terri??"

11:22 Blount (R-Miss)
From Chris to Judy to Pat and each Congressman/Woman in the house right now, the wardrobe people are raking in the overtime right now. Do the Ladies have to do their own hair for the event?? How much is this costing?

11:27 CNN Dr. Gupta.
"I just received an email from Bill Frist, a real doctor...."
Wait Sanjay, this guy thinks AIDS can be spread by tears. His diagnosis, is suspect. Goodnight Doc.

11:33 C-SPAN
The aisles are slowly filling up. Only a half hour ago the House was sparse, you know like it is during normal sessions of debate. The question remains.... Will 218 Senators be present at all to vote??
The House Leadership, Hastert & Delay, called it's members back from recess for this single vote, for this single person.
So this is costing the taxpayer fresh travel money, something we know Mr. Delay hasn't a problem with. Four Hundred and Thirty Five fresh First Class Round Trip BONANZAS, for a single person.
Is it fair to assume that 435 new tickets would be a Million Dollars. A bit more or less??

11:42 Clock Ticking

12:01 Vote
Dems and Repubs slapping each other around in a whole separate sideshow.
Hulk Hogan Vs. James Sensenbrenner.
Barney (THE LISP) Frank Vs. THE DREAM DELAY...
McHenry (R-NC) "This isn't about Terri Shiavo."
Well thank you for telling us that, so why are you so well dressed and at work??

11:45 CNN
I didn't know Bush returned from vacation for this as well. (Must stop snickering at the thought and be serious)
A "Fox" poll showing on CNN shows that 59% of Americans say "Remove the Tube".

Do these Democrats have any guts?? Have they become so afraid of the Religious Right that they will succumb to this madness??
The fear of being labeled a "TERRI KILLER" during the next cycle may be enough.
This has turned ugly, like rabid dogs and babies co-habitating. The Republicans circulated some "Talking Points on Terri" Memo to leadership today. Note to the Terri's Dad, keep the refrigerator closed if Hastert knocks on your door.
This is starting to smell of rotted meat now. The exact point that got the "Tort-Reform Bill" passed was to stop anyone from shopping around for friendly courts. The Supreme Court has refused this particular case. Where else are they going to find a single friendly judge after nineteen?
WHO YOU GONNA CALL... COURT SHOPPERS. (Sung to Ghostbusters)

12:01 P.M. C-SPAN Carson (D-Ind)
"Why am I here?? I was pulled out of my House of Worship, for this??"
Are those Pajama Bottoms?? Finally, a normal person.

Well, it's past the time to vote. YAWN.
That will always be the biggest problem with American Bureaucracy, it's never prompt. Always some slight delay, a lengthy quorum call or the delay in the press conference, they never can seem to be on time. YAWN.

12:11 YAWN

12:14 YAWN

Tom Delay's turn now, he's one to speak of ethical matters. YAWN. Had a PB&J, some milk and am ready for the Yeas and Nays.

Yeas win, no surprise. Beware of the flood gates opening.

Well there it goes, wasted money for the great March Madness and I didn't even get the chance to jump in this pool.