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It matters.

Resource link for the 2006 mid-terms (courtesy of Cursor.)

Projected mid-term results (

"If the Democrats point fingers they lose seats and if the Democrats donít point fingers they lose seats for being the party that stands for nothing. Given the choice I hope to see the fingers pointed and the accusations answered and if it costs the left a few seats, too bad."

"The Battle for America"

Buy Blue

GOP backwash say, "Stay the course! Pray for President Bush!"


"American Voices"

Reader essays on Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Latest: 10/08/06 "A Commentary on the Mark Foley Scandal" by "Law_n_order_here" and 10/04/06: "Why Did We Think We Were Immune?'" by "Delaware Dem"


"The Truth Is Out There"

A semi-regular column by "bushbgone" Now serving: "Republican Terrorism" (08/21/06)


Blog (Archives)

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A People Plank for the Democratic Party (04/17/06)



New! ===> Red State Nation (Sign up for weekly newsletter.)


Daily Kos

The Huffington Post

New! ===> The Skeptical Centrist

Veterans For A Secure America

Mike and John



Knight Ridder

Latest Breaking News

America Blog


Talking Points Memo/Josh Marshall

Tom Paine

King of Zembla


Glenn Greenwald

The Rude Pundit



Crooks and Liars


Donkey Rising

Dem Bloggers


Steve Gilliard

The Poor Man

Daily Howler

Media Matters

Counter Bias

My Left Wing

On The Left Tip

Brilliant at Breakfast

Bush Watch

Frame Shop

Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball

Political Strategy


Dem Speak

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches

Electronic Iraq

Today in Iraq


David Ireland

Think Progress

Paperwight's Fair Shot

Political Gateway

Law and Politics

Foreign Policy in Focus

Shrill Blog

Sadly, No

The Blogging of the President

The World Can't Wait

South Knox Bubba

Conceptual Guerilla

Crooked Timber

Serenity Through Viciousness

A Navy Vet Speaks Out



Irregular Times

First Draft

Bush Wars

Spin of the Day

Make them accountable

Democratic Underground Forum

The Bartcop Forum


Law 'n' Order

A Little On The Left

People Get Ready

The Lefty Directory

Information Clearing House

Center for Economic and Policy Research

The Daily Scribble

Power Whine

No Draft, No Way!

The People's Email Network

Air America Radio


---Outsite links---


Links for the upcoming Supreme Court battles.


"Stories in America", observations of a blogger who's traveling America talking to people about politics.


Buy Blue - Put your money where your politics are.


Join the Buy-cott


Downloadable poster: "America Stands With Cindy"


PlameGame: News and events revolving around the ousting of CIA agent Valerie Plame.


Over time, the truth will come out. A flash movie that speaks for itself.

"The Battle for America"

The President acts out his poll numbers. (Use your mouse if he gets stuck.)

The "I" word

A few words about fundraising: Help OUR side.


Hurricane Katrina Relief Links

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