I just set up the web site email address. I expect the hate mail will come, soon enough. For now, here's what some of my friends have had to say.

logged on thinking you were somehow connected to the band timbuk3, and i have to say you guys have some serious balls--i wish everyone else in america--particularly our corporate-owned media--would come right out and say the things you guys are saying--never mind democracy for iraq, how about establishing a democracy in the united states? and while we're at it, how about supporting our troops in a truly meaningful way--by bringing them home instead of using them as cannon fodder in a shameless attempt to make the world safe for halliburton and big oil? keep up the good work!

best wishes,

(Name and address with-held)


Ah, Timbuk, you never cease to amaze me...Love the site both in conception and execution. You Titty Boarders are an impressive lot...Good Luck on your ambitious - and sorely needed - plan!


It looks great so far. Seems kinda anti-Bush to me, though. ;>)

I think this one will be read. The news links are good, and they update themselves too.


Nice start on the site! I expected to see something really horrendous. Nothing personal, but I'm always amused when people say "hey, check out my site!" and I go to it and it is a picture of their dog and a link to the dancing hamsters! But I see the start of something big here! I definitely have content (for the site). Stuff I either haven't put on my own site yet for whatever reason, and some new stuff in the works. I know just the thing, actually. A fifties-style poster I was working on for my own site...a Ward Cleaver sort of perfect 50's black and white...I won't tell you the punch line until I return from my memorial day rain-out...It'll be great! Get us both sent directly to Gitmo!


Good work, effort etc. I do believe I can come up with an essay in time, and can provide some links to various publications and web sites.

This is all so new, so once it settles in, i'd be pleased and honored to lend/give what ever you may find useful.

How would you prefer things submitted -- e-mail, to the web site?

(Any way you can get me new and original content will be much appreciated! Email is easiest, for me. - Tim)