What We Knew, What We Were Told

(The Stories That Led Us to War)

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How PR Sold the War in the Persian Gulf
Excerpted from Toxic Sludge Is Good For You, Chapter 10


March, 2002


March 19: US says Iraq linked to al-Qaeda


April, 2002


April 16: A War Against the Peacemaker


August, 2002


August 12: USA Today Repeats Myths on Iraq Inspectors

August 20: Bush's Summer Reading List Hints at Iraq

August 20: US pushes PR for war with Iraq

August 21: Al Qaeda Presence In Iraq Reported Baghdad Knows, Rumsfeld Says

August 21: Sharing the Evidence on Iraq

August 22: "Wag the Puppy" -- New Twist in Media War

August 22: Protesters, Police Clash Downtown During Presidential Visit

August 23: Dissing the Dissenters

August 27: Saddam Does Not Have "Weapons of Mass Destruction"

August 28: 'A link between Saddam and bin Laden? No way' (linked footnotes)

August 29: Saddam a threat to energy supply, Cheney tells vets

August 29: Bush wrong to use pretext as excuse to invade Iraq

August 30: Not So Fast Bush Will Invade Iraq ... Eventually


September, 2002


Remember this? Selling war on Iraq follows rules for new product launch. (Cartoon.)

September 1: Hail and farewell (Chris Matthews final column)

September 2: The source of all evil

September 2: How low can we go?

September 2: The Cheney Doctrine: War without end

September 3: Dick Cheney's Nightmare of Peace

September 3: As hawks debate, ordinary Iraqis continue to suffer

September 3: Hypocrisy now!

September 3: Powell Cites 'Real' Divide Internally on Iraq Policy

September 3: History will look back and say, jeeminy yow!

September 4: Plans For Iraq Attack Began On 9/11

September 5: Don't look now: Saddam is drowning kittens

September 5: The Powell Trap: Easing Us Into War

September 5: Clinton: Get bin Laden before pursuing Saddam

September 6: Bomb the lot of them

September 6: In war, some facts less factual

September 6: When contemplating war, beware of babies in incubators

September 6: U.S. officials worried by lack of Iraqi weapons evidence


September 7: Poll: Don't Go It Alone On Iraq

September 8: Bush, Blair Decry Hussein

September 9: Interview with Scott Ritter

September 9: Iraq weapons report

September 10: Real Battles and Empty Metaphors

September 10: U.S. Not Claiming Iraqi Link To Terror

September 10: Ironic if Bush himself causes jihad

September 11: The US Media: A Weapon of Mass Deception

September 11: Democrats Unconvinced On Iraq War

September 11: Top arms official sees no solid case against Iraq

September 11: THREATS AND RESPONSES: BAGHDAD ARSENAL; U.S. Lacks Up-to-Date Review of Iraqi Arms

September 11: Russia to play key role in building Iraq attack support

September 12: US accused of double standards at UN

September 12: President's Remarks at the United Nations General Assembly

September 12: Why Aren't U.S. Journalists Reporting From Iraq?

September 12: Marketing Iraq: Why now? (Marketing mushroom clouds)

September 12: Poll: Most Expect War With Iraq

September 12 & 13: CNN and Fox interviews with Scott Ritter. (Excerpt)

September 13: Observers: Evidence For War Lacking

September 13: A Decade of Deception and Defiance (pdf)

September 13: Hawks hit by a rhetorical ricochet

September 13: Aides say Bush planned all along to seek U.N. support

September 14: Never Forget What?

September 15: Iraq Briefings: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

September 16: Democrats Question Iraq Timing

September 17: American Historians Speak Out

September 17: Untested administration hawks clamor for war

September 18: Inspectors face a daunting task if they are allowed in

September 18: Iraq's offer slows Bush momentum

September 18: Saddam's concessions will never be enough for the US

September 18: Rumsfeld Repeats the Myths

September 18: Curses! Dubya Gets Foiled Again

September 18: President Bush wants war, not justice

September 19: Evidence on Iraq Challenged (aluminum tubes)

September 19: Cheney makes plea in Conn. stop

September 19: UN to upset Bush's war plans with one-year deadline for Iraq

September 20: De-Saddamization, Not Disarmament

September 20: The News Dissector And The President

September 20: PBS Fails to Hold Rumsfeld Accountable

September 20: Persistence on Iraq Pays Off for Bush

September 20: Bush-Hitler Remark Shows U.S. as Issue In German Election

September 22: Culture War With B-2's

September 22: Have local hawks flown south?

September 22: Marching off to peace

September 22: Unveiled: the thugs Bush wants in place of Saddam

September 23: Lawmakers Hear Pleas Against War

September 23: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

September 23: Forget the Evidence by Brendan O'Neill

September 24: Bush doctrine makes waves overseas

September 24: A 'liberated' Iraq could end up like Weimar Germany

September 24: THREATS AND RESPONSES: CONGRESS; 3 Retired Generals Warn Of Peril in Attacking Iraq Without Backing of U.N.

September 24: Blair's dodgy dossier

September 25: Louder War Talk, and Muffled Dissent

September 25: No More Bratwurst!

September 26: Bush Asserts That Al Qaeda Has Links to Iraq's Hussein

September 26: Kucinich and Tauscher: War Vote Should Happen After Election

September 27: Neoconservatives Are Crazy

September 27: Unwanted Debate on Iraq-Al Qaeda Links Revived

September 29: 'This war is wrong and we won't stand for it'

September 30: Unasked Questions


October, 2002



October 1: Two GOP Senators Urge Iraq Coalition

October 1: WH Press Briefing on the Biden-Lugar resolution

October 1: Naming Names, or Not

October 1: Reality, If Not Normality

October 1: War fear grips people of Baghdad

October 2: Analysis: Can US stop Iraq inspections?

October 2: The Defense Budget And Wartime Profiteering

October 2: Israeli General Disagrees

October 2: Anti-war - but what for?

October 2: Why we need to go to war. (Mark Fiore Cartoon)

October 4: A chink in the link

October 4: War is hell, so why are we so hell-bent?

October 5: Is the American empire already over?

October 5: Graham: Expect retaliation

October 5: More than 1.5 million Italians protest a possible war with Iraq

October 6: The war against Iraq has already begun

October 6: The World; Will the Real Saddam Hussein Please Step Down

October 6: Attack May Spark Coup In Iraq, Say U.S. Analysts

October 6: Scramble to carve up Iraqi oil reserves lies behind US diplomacy

October 6: Worth More Than a One-Liner

October 7: Just Asking... by Eric Alterman

October 7: Saddam's inner circle is defecting, say Iraqi exiles

October 7: Military imprecision (Afghanistan)

October 7: On to Baghdad – and beyond

October 7: Petroleum fuels debate on Iraq war

October 7: Byrd Chastises White House, Democrats

October 8: Inspection as invasion

October 8: With Congress Aboard, Bush Targets a Doubtful Public

October 8: Only one Adolf Hitler

October 8: Some administration officials expressing misgivings on Iraq

October 8: White House Global Message

October 8: When Did Iraq Become More Important Than America?

October 8: Waxman Pops The Question

October 9: White House 'exaggerating Iraqi threat'

October 9: Iraq attack likely 'only if provoked'


April, 2003


April 11: Weapons-Grade Plutonium Possibly Found at Iraqi Nuke Complex


May, 2003


May 7: Pearle told investors they could profit from war

May 30: ‘Why Rumsfeld Is Wrong’


September, 2003


September 23: Vision of the neocons stays fixed on making hard choices


October, 2003


October 14: Pentagon official: US may take action against Syria


November, 2003


November 1: Bush's Other War

November 20: War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal

November 21: US hawk admits Iraq war 'illegal'


December, 2003


December 17: Saddam's weapons (View interview here.)

December 28: Bush's man rejects Blair weapon claim

December 28: Attacks Force Retreat From Wide-Ranging Plans for Iraq

December 30: Iraq Arms Hunt May Hinder Other U.S. Aims


January, 2004


Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Report: WMD in Iraq: Evidence and Implications

Jan. 8: Powell: No 'smoking gun,' but Iraq war justified

January 9: Rice: No Evidence Iraq Moved WMD to Syria

Jan. 10: Saddam's Ouster Planned In 2001?

January 25: Our Man in Baku

January 25: The 50 lies, exaggerations, distortions and half truths that took this country to war

January 26: Blair, Cheney face no-show-WMD fallout

January 26: Pressure mounts for Iraq elections