U.S. Soldiers = Bush Hostages

by "the_oracle_of_fvcking_delphi"

The ransom, $87 billion and open-ended. Their letters are leaking to us, like fingers in the mail.

It serves the scenario of a perfect hostage situation, that the country these kids have been sent to 'invade' is supposed to be benefitting from the invasion, and U.S. troops are in a constant dilemma of not knowing whom to shoot. Maybe that's how the Bush regime convinced Iraq to play along; "Yeah, the down side is we can't send them and call them 'soldiers' unless we arm them, but listen, we'll tell them you are their protectees, and you'll have lots more time to shoot first."

I will never again think of these children as soldiers, but as hostages kidnapped by their own government, starved and terrorized by their own governemnt, out of reach of the help of their loved ones. Certainly past the help of law enforcement, because the law where they are is owned by their captors.
I will not be surprised and the vindication will not feel good, when it is shown that the Bush admin collaborated with 'the enemy' to guard these hostages while Bush made the ransom calls (formerly known as State-of-the-Union Address).

The U.S. Soldiers, our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, are hostages of the Bush Regime.


"Now, I just pray everyday for my husband's safe return soon. The safe return of all the soldiers.



Dennis Kucinich was roaring this to the crowd in Iowa last week:

U.N. IN!! U.S. OUT!! U.N. IN!! U.S. OUT!!
U.N. IN!! U.S. OUT!! U.N. IN!! U.S. OUT!!
U.N. IN!! U.S. OUT!! U.N. IN!! U.S. OUT!!

over and over, but they never joined in, because the Bush Regime so effectively cast onus onto the U.N., and because the people are not seeing these children as victims, but as Soldiers, proudly protecting us from terrorists.
When your child is taken and you get the ransom call and are allowed to hear their voices, terrified and pleading just like their captors want them to, you aren't thinking "I'm so proud of him". You are almost feral with panic. MY CHILD!! Give me my child back!!! Don't hurt her!!
These children are the protectors of no one, not us, not the Iraqi people. Their hands are so tied they can scarcely protect themselves. They are the victims, WE are the dupes of the Terrorist Kidnapper, George W Bush.

Let's call the troops what they are: U.S. HOSTAGES.
When you talk to your friends and co-workers, call the "soldiers" HOSTAGES. When you email or fax your congressmen, call these children HOSTAGES. Ask the party candidates to call them HOSTAGES.