The Hope Thieves

By OspOverlord (of Vote4change) & Timbuk3


The GOP spin machine is working overtime trying to steal our hope for a victory in the upcoming election.

Their plan is to make you believe that no one but Bush can possibly win.

They plan to rob you of hope, just like so many of us were robbed in the last election. Like our confidence in our nationıs place in the world was robbed. Like our environmental protections were robbed and sold to the polluters. Like our childrenıs future is being robbed to finance uncontrolled spending. Like peace of mind and our civil rights are robbed by repeated threats of faceless bogeymen who "hate us for our freedom".

They know that Bushıs agenda is so full of pitfalls that tomorrow the ammunition we need to smash his small lead in the polls could be handed to us.

They know that the Democrats have the kind of passion that gets people up off their asses and into the voting booth.

They know that there is nothing that they can do that is going take away the anger we feel over what this administration has done in our name.

And, they know that Howard Dean has only as much of a chance of winning as we give him with our support. They know we have the passion in this election.

The campaign of disinformation to make Howard Dean look like he can't win continues relentlessly. They want you to believe that Dean is a radical leftist, and a compliant news media reports that he is, even though Dean is a fiscal conservative who simply believes that individual freedom matters, too. It was all spun early on with Karl Roveıs "Run Dean Run". Within weeks of this statement the media was mimicking the message that Dean was the worst candidate we could put up against Bush, "another McGovern", "another Dukakis". Now the spinmeisters even have many Democrats thinking and saying these things! Rove knows that the democrats have the passion it takes to win and he wants to replace that passion with hopelessness.

The election is 10 months away. America doesn't even know Howard Dean, yet. How can anyone say with such confidence that "Dean canıt win"?

Here is the reason: "If you believe them, then they are right. We can't win."

They would like nothing more than to have us work against ourselves.

This administration knows no middle ground. This administration would rather break the nation in half than give an inch to "the left". This administration is never going make any concession to the half of America that doesnıt want to be in a state of perpetual war, that doesnıt support a government that spends more than we give them to spend, and doesnıt support a government that panders to a few special interests to gain votes and hold onto power, while ignoring the rest of America.

They will sacrifice anything and anyone, even you, to see their agenda come to pass.

And they wonıt give an inch in this election.

Rest assured that if their spin works and another Democratic contender replaces Howard Dean at the top of the polls, the hateful attacks will continue. Only the target will change.

Don't let them do to Dean, or any other Democrat, what they did to McCain.

Don't let them steal your hope!

This is a movement of hope and passion, and we will win because of it. We are Americans of every race, religion, creed, and political party who want to take our country back, to stop those who want us to remain a frightened bully and to restore America to her former greatness. Don't let anyone take your hope, your passion, or your own love of country, from you. There are hundreds of thousands of us, just like you, and we will win if we remain together.