A Commentary on the Mark Foley Scandal

By law_n_order_here

(Originally posted on a message board)

I don't care that Foley was gay. I don't care that he had sex out of marriage. I think it is annoying that he was jerking off while being paid by my tax money.

But what appalls me is YOU "conservative" Bush voters who are still hanging on and defending him and the GOP. YOU hate gays. YOU hate sex outside marriage. YOU had a fit over jerking off while on Government duty. YOU go to the most bigoted extremes to keep "kids safe from gay recruiting".

And when you find one your midst what do you do ? Look the other way. Make no mistake, by supporting those who covered up Foley you are in effect doing the same. Choosing party in power over teenagers being preyed on to do something YOU tell us is worse than death.

Christ, those were Republican kids! Sons of prominent donors or fundraisers. YOUR kids. If you guys aren't able to protect your own kids, how on earth are you going to protect mine ?

I have a 5 year old son. I don't want him drafted for Shock & Awe XVI in Iraq, while Jeb Bush is "staying the course". I certainly don't want him preyed on by a Republican that is tolerated because he brings on the votes.

You want to know who IMHO acted the most decently in the Republican Party when this came to light?

Mark Foley, who resigned immediately.

If that doesn't tell you how rotten things are among GOP Senators and GOP voters alike, the unrepentant enablers of Mark Foley, I don't know what does.