Fun Links


The Bush Conspiracy Theory Generator

Bush Countdown Clock

The Osama Clock

GI Joke Doll

Free Speech: Use it or Lose it

Practice Touch Screen Voting

eBaum's World

Leader of the Free World

Steal This Book!

Project for an Old American Century

Bush Cartoons

The best page in the Universe

The Onion

Betty Bowers is a better Christian than you

The Demotivators Collection

College Corner

Peter Pan's Home Page!

Bert is EVIL!


The Borowitz Report

W Goes Home

Dishonest Dubya Lying Action Figure

All Your Trailer Park are Belong to Us!

The Chili Cookoff

The Man in the Tin Foil Hat

george w. bush's resume

Hunter S. Thompson Fan Site

Funny Times

Furniture for the People

(an online web community spreading good music and free speech)

Free Popup Stopper

Get your war on!


What's wrong with this picture?

(Turn on your speakers and look close)

Great Prices on Music Gear

All Music - A great site for info on bands and cds

Atom Films

Free Tarot Reading

Any Day in History

Funny Times

The Lemon Basket

Deep Thoughts E-cards

Funny Pictures

These cards might be more fun...

Women need to read this...

Check out rumors

Urban legends

View from satellites

The Hive

WMDs (the links work, too!)

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