A Rove-ian Faerie Tale...In Woodward-&-Bernstein Land (Episode 2: The Memo Strikes Back)


The clash between the spies and the White House has begun.

The Damsel-in-Distress stays locked away, most townsfolk don't know why and couldn't care less. She knows more than she wishes to say and most gossipers continue to defend her.

The Master Barrister is not joking around. Someone, perhaps many people, have revealed the secret identity of a Lady Spy. All fingers point to an inside job, retribution for the Lady Spy's husband being an obvious dissenter of the Far-Far-Away War. But the other spies don't appreciate being used as pawns.

President Chicken Little has been "interviewed" by the Master Barrister, as has Vice-President Vader.

Vader's sidekick, He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named-Scooter, has testified along with The Prince.

    (An "official" plane flies overhead)

Africa again becomes the epicenter of the struggle. A "Double Secret Piece-of-Paper" is passed around a Presidential flight to the Dark Continent, similar to how the Sniffle Monster mysteriously travels from passenger to passenger on most domestic flights.

The Secret Paper held the initial information about the identity of the Lady Spy. The Master Barrister was focusing on how an important document was treated in such a manner.

To all knowledge thus far, there is no evidence of the Sniffle Monster being on this particular flight. He is innocent but there may be evidence that the Bronx General and the Bald Talker are involved and have spoken with the Barrister. Each day the game gets thicker and more murky.

The locals in the village were chatting it up about the truthfulness of the leaders. Thousands upon thousands of words, used as cannon fodder in the march to rid the world of heinous weapons, have been mostly forgotten. These sixteen words and a set of forged documents were again in question.

Did Chicken Little or Vice-President Vader know anything about the leakage of the Lady Spy's identity?? Did The Prince do the deed himself or did he just mastermind the plan? Was the original information actually given to the Damsel-in-Distress, to make her into a shill in support of the Far-Far-Away war? Some gossipers took the bait, some didn't.

Could The Prince and Scooter have lied to the Master Barrister, thinking that the gossipers wouldn't actually testify?? And why in the world would a 55-year old man go by the name Scooter??

Recently a retired spy put it this way, "Instead of a president concerned first and foremost with protecting this country and the spies who serve it, we are confronted with a president who is willing to sit by while political operatives savage the reputations of good Americans."

Quite a few retired spies wrote a letter to the congress.

Even worse the Torturer General was informed of the investigation. He told the whispering Card-man and waited 12 hours to let the rest of Chicken Little's team know that they were also under investigation. Not a particularly lawyerly thing to do, noted the gossipers.

The plot continues to simmer and the Barrister's office is locked down in silence. All three sides of the village are waiting, jaws clenched for the final outcome of this investigation. Everyone knows something about no one in particular, and won't go on the record but they all kind of know the same thing....

Someone is lying.



Sorry Mr. Lucas.