Electronic Voting and the 2004 Elections


Electronic voting is leaving us open to voter fraud that will make the Florida fiasco look like an honest election. Watch this video.

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I had intended to put up my own essay here, but Bev Harris has done an outstanding job of defining the problem in her book.

Chapter 1: A Call to Engage

Chapter 2: Documentation of Miscounted Elections

Chapter 3: Solutions

Chapter 4: Can These Things Be Rigged?

Chapter 5: Certification system is broken

Chapter 6: Chuck Hagel: Poster boy for conflict of interest

Chapter 7: The first - ever - look inside a secret voting system

Chapter 8: Who's minding the store?

Chapter 9: Who - or What - is "rob-georgia?" ROB steps forward

Chapter 10: Investigating the software that counts our votes

Chapter 11: Three troublesome examples: Security breaks down

Chapter 12: A Modest Proposal

Chapter 13: Practical Activism

Chapter 14: Pay No Attention to the Men Behind the Curtain

If you're unfamiliar with saving pdf files, click on the link which will open up a new window, then click on the icon that looks like a floppy disk to save it. I'll add the chapters as they become available, or you can go to http://www.blackboxvoting.com/ if you can't open pdf files or would prefer the png format.

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Remember Florida 2000? Now You Can Do Something About It (Annoying music alert, just hit "pause".)


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Oct. 17, 2003 They've taken out BlackBoxVoting.com, the site owned by the Black Box Voting publisher, for the third time in a month.

This is another bogus spam complaint. The first time: It was a bogus spammer, some religious looney web site who sent spam referring to us and then notified Spamcops. Their web site was not taken out, we were. We were cleared of any involvement and the site restored. The second time, it was a hacker that said "I told you to leave me alone!" This time, it is another bogus spam complaint. We are awaiting an answer as to what the offending "spam" was and who complained. We do have an opt-in list of activists; I have saved all the opt-ins, and if a mole opted in and then filed a bogus complaint, I will find this person and sue for damages. The sister site, BlackBoxVoting.org, which I own, has been shut down due to a Diebold demand.

Somebody REALLY doesn't want you to read this.

Are you good with statistics? Download an Excel file with all of the statistics on the California recall election, sortable by county, voting machine type, and candidate. Take a look at the graph near cell G85. Decide for yourself. Was this a "practice run" for the Presidential election of 2004, siphoning votes from nearest competitors to candidates with no chance to win? (Note: I am not questioning the voter's intent to remove Davis, or Schwarznegger's legitimacy, only the paperless touch screen voting machines.)