An Open Letter to the President About a Dog


Mr. President,

I have only one suggestion to improve your plummeting popularity: immediately demand that your agencies make arrangements to protect the pets of people displaced by Katrina.

It would show you have a heart. A true emotional understanding of how people are suffering right now.

Anyone who dismisses this suggestion as extraneous expenditure of tax dollars-- misses the point. The point is that This Is America, and we aren't so freaking hard-up here that people have to abandon their pets. We're the 1st world and that means we can afford some meager luxuries. Or am I wrong? Is America really so bankrupt that we can only afford to leave pets, the elderly, the sick, the helpless... for dead?

Last month, everyone watched as you refused to meet with Cindy Sheehan. Surely, in the wastes of New Orleans there's a small child who has lost a parent and now clings desperately to a beloved dog which the deceased parent gave to the child. Are you willing to face that child & explain that the dog must now die too? Are you ready for the consequences to your reputation, if your agencies demand the animal be abandoned?

At this moment,  this is the only way I see for you to salvage some shred of public respect, Mr. President.


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