Photo Gallery

Here's some of the pics I took at the rally in DC on 9-24-05.

Since a picture can say a thousand words, here are a few thousand for you:

Some of the crowd of marchers as seen from the Washington Monument.

Maxine Waters gets the crowd going.

Bushoccio balances on the finger of an unnamed "fan".

The biggest Bushoccio at the rally!

Joan Baez on the big screen.

The Reverend Al got right to the point.

View from the right side of the stage.

Making a point.

I noticed this sign right next to a motorcycle cop when I stopped to ask directions.

Two rows of barricade, a wrought-iron fence, stick-swinging goons in the front yard, and commandos on the roof. Welcome to Bush's house.

These are the people I blogged about, picking up the photocopies of our casualties in Iraq.

Another coffin Bush didn't see. He's in Colorado, hiding.

Does Bill still have it? (This cracked me up!)