Economic Combat


In light of activists' global boycotts of war profiteers, globalization begins to look evitable. We reverse imperialist's sanctions with the people's sanctions. - Arundhati Roy (1, 2)

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One of the first things you can do, as if you needed any more reason to do it, is pay off your debt. This is as all-American a thing as is possible to do, today. Both personal AND national debt are or were recently at record highs. Now that the big spenders in the GOP have a stranglehold on government (Bush has NEVER vetoed a spending bill) don't expect it to get smaller, and don't count on refinancing your home AGAIN to float the economy another loan. Our trade deficit is also at an all time high, and millions of Americans have lost their jobs since Bush took office and are now on some form of social welfare (and jobs growth isn't staying apace with population growth.) Hard times are coming, folks. Be ready for them.

The Christmas season is upon us, and no one wants to be a scrooge. You may think it's difficult to stop spending, right now. Here are some ideas for you. Don't let a guilty conscience fool you. There are "fundie phone books" that list "fundie friendly" businesses. There are "GOP phone books" that list "GOP preferred" businesses. There is nothing "mean spirited", or "angry, or "evil" about patronizing people who believe the way YOU do. It's the American way. But stop patronizing the companies that support the GOP's agenda of borrow and spend and fighting wars on credit. Their price is just too high.

Banks have been shifting funding from Democrats to Republicans since 1990  and the Insurance industry is not only solidly in the GOP camp, but they're all too happy to go along with the attack on corporate accountability as evidenced by the GOP cries of outrage that "trial lawyers" win "outlandish awards" when PEOPLE are injured by the willful disregard of people over profits. BTW, it's not secret that Lawyers fund the Democrats overwhelmingly. It's all part of Grover Norquist's master plan to "defund the left", and that's NOT a "vast left wing conspiracy". (See also David Brock's "Blinded by the Right.")

Lots of ideas are being floated to boycott supporters of the right wing agenda. There is much still to be done, and help is appreciated in completing what will eventually be an extensive list. Here is a site that began a "boycott Bush" campaign in 2001, so they've got a head start on all of us. Remember, a boycott is most effective if you tell the people and companies you're boycotting that you ARE boycotting them, and why. Give them a chance to change and come back from the dark side.

Updates (I'll be publishing specific lists of hard core Republican sponsors here.)

Just to show you that I'm doing this too, I'll be posting some of the changes I've made in my own personal buying, and where I got the information to make the decisions. Which brings up one of the main things you'll have to realize if you want to help. You will have to do your own research. There are far too many companies to list them all, good and bad, on this web page (although we may be able to put together a searchable database down the road, and would gladly accept help with that.)

No matter where you live, a local boycott is effective. Here are some links that will help you find out who, in YOUR home town, is an offender.

Here is a list of the top 25 Republican donors. Avoid them like the plague.

From People for the American Way, here's a list of companies that are "Buying a Movement". Read it and see if you don't agree we've got to stop these people.

Here's a story in UK's "The Telegraph": Who business backed in the race for the White House

Finally, we all know that oil companies are "evil", but we all need to buy gas, too. Where can you go?

Companies that donate to Republicans should be targeted for union organizing drives, boycotts, and pickets.

We can't forget that large numbers of people in the red states supported the forces of good, and it might be too vindictive to go after every red state. But, there is one red state that stands out; Utah. Utah is the ONLY state that voted for Bush above the 70% level. If at all possible, don't support companies that call this state home. Don't vacation there, don't ski there, don't patronize them in any way.