Peaceful Resistance

Believing that *the* paper clip was invented in Norway, the Norwegian people wore paper clips in their lapels during WW II to denote solidarity and unity ("we are bound together") in opposing fascism when other signs of resistance, such as buttons showing the exiled King Haakon VII of Norway, were forbidden. In fact, "paper clip" is literally translated from the Norwegian as "binder", and we should now all be bound together by the common goal of restoring our nation to sanity.

There is now a growing underground movement to show our own patriotism and solidarity in the desire to take this country back from the fringe right wing that has hijacked the GOP and the radically militant "Christians" who are urging this once peaceful nation to engage in endless war. (If it takes 10 years, blow them all away in the name of the Lord. - Jerry Falwell on CNN.)

By wearing a paper clip on your lapel, collar, several clips linked as a bracelet, or in any other creative way you can think of you are letting other people know that we are all "linked" in this common cause. There isn't a consensus yet, but it seems to be most appropriate to wear a plain silver clip or one of the blue ones found in boxes of colored clips. Somehow, red paper clips just don't seem appropriate.

Here is the Democratic Underground thread where the whole idea started. (Please note that "Atman", who started the thread, is a semi-regular contributor to the cartoon page of this web site, he did many of the graphics, and he hosts the message board. He's a great guy. Give his shop a look and vote for his stuff while you're there.)