Chicken Little Wants His Saying Back

When I was a kid, grandma waited with baited breath each and every month. Actually, so did I, and I never quite knew why.

See, grandma's check meant that she would be able to do anything she wanted with her little chitlin's (The G-Kids). She was a proper southern lady that knew exactly how to spoil her offspring.

My Mother now waits on that same check, except it isn't for spoiling her grandkids. It's a necessity, it pays her rent.

Guess what Mom, Chicken Little was wrong, again.

On Wednesday 3/9 we found out from the non-partisan GAO (Government Accountability Office) that the President has been lying all along. Surprise! David M. Walker, who heads the nonpartisan Office of Comptroller General, said before House Ways & Means Committee that Social Security "does not face an immediate crisis."

Did you feel that blast of hot air that all of a sudden burst from inside the beltway??? Each and every political hack on the right may have just belched out the final coinage of the term "crisis".

And thank goodness for that, the real Chicken Little wants his saying back.

Meanwhile our Chicken Little in Chief has undertaken a 60 day/60 city tour while employing a nine year old child to shill his ideas. This of course brings to mind Jeff Gannon and the question of child prostitution working it's way into our White House. Does the child have the same credentials as Armstrong Williams?? Is this child a union member?? Does the wage scale change between African-American writers and Anglo-Saxon children??

Are they, in fact, the same person ??

Mom, at this point I don't know what to tell you. Apparently this nine year old knows something F.D. Roosevelt didn't. Exactly what he knows, besides that flatulation is funny, has yet to be discovered.

What I do know dear mother is that your social security money is now being spent so the president can roadtrip with a nine year old child, telling chicken little stories.

And I thought Michael Jackson was weird.