Black and White vs. Shades of Gray

You hear the question all the time. Why can't the Democrats unite?

The Republicans present a united front. They never stray off message. They can stick together and vote along party lines. Why can't the Democrats do that?

Is it because the Democrats have no spine? Is it because they are traitors to the party? Are those who don't vote with the Party DINOS?

Actually the answer is very simple. It goes to the very basis of the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Whether they are radical left, centrist, or conservative Democrats, they are to some degree, liberal.

Liberals by their very nature think for themselves. They have a mind of their own, think independently and are too diverse to be pigeonholed. It is because of their diversity that they are more tolerant of other people, opinions, and lifestyles. They have a respect for the differences among cultures and religions that give them a live-and-let-live attitude. They recognize the value in differences that allows for debate that gives different perspectives.

Republican Conservatives, on the other hand have a black and white mindset. They are regimented and dogmatic. They have no tolerance for any opinion other than their own. If it's right for them it's right for everybody. Anyone who disagrees is obviously wrong so why give them or their opinions any credence or respect? They will obey the leadership opinion and regurgitate the same talking points.

They are convinced of the superiority of their opinion and want to impose it on everyone else so there is no diversity in their narrow world. They have nothing but disdain for a conflicting opinion. In fact, they refuse to even listen to one. They are incapable of thinking outside of the box. It explains why the majority of the military vote along the conservative line. They are used to regimentation and being told what to do and how to think.

The Fundamentalists will also vote for conservative opinion. They are cookie-cutter thinkers. They are so convinced of the infallible rightness of their thinking there is just no room for any outside opinion. They want to fashion the world in their image. There is only one way and it is their way. There is no compromise, no tolerance, no differences allowed.

A drawing done in only black and white is flat and one-dimensional. It is the shades of gray that give it depth. The different tones and shadows make it three-dimensional and interesting.

Liberals recognize that in the world, reality depends on the shades of gray. The world is a diversity of cultures, religions, races and lifestyles. We were not created as a mass of homogenized humanity.

It takes a certain kind of arrogance to think we can improve upon what was created or that we are superior to the rest of creation.

So the next time you get frustrated at the Democrats for not voting in lockstep, stop and think of how terrible it would be if they did.