Meanwhile, How About Boston...


The week waned and our generous cable news hyena's smelled much more blood, and a "Culture of Death" enveloped the entire nation. "Shiavo-Vision" quickly became "Pope-Vision" with 24 hour live feeds on this human being's bedroom window, waiting for him to slowly die.

A much more worthy subject. When the story of the Cold War is finished and written, next to the names of Gorbachev and Reagan will be Pope John Paul II. I have always said that any man that was arrested by the Gestapo and lived to tell the tale, is more than worthy of admiration. Of course it is easy to feel the same way about the people on Nixon's "Enemies" list.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the church's positions on a number of issues. Birth Control, Abortion, Female Priests and Homosexuality pretty much head the list. It's all hogwash really because the church will not change it's ideas. The church is in business to protect itself, just ask the good people of Massachusetts.

As the horrendous charges began to landslide out of the Boston Archdiocese of child abuse, cover-up and scandal. Cardinal Bernard Law engaged in what many in New England now say was just a culture of secrecy, deception and intimidation.

In pretrial testimony, the Rev. John B. McCormack said that he and other Boston church officials decided to keep the names of accused priests secret ''to avoid scandalizing people.''

In 1988 a top official of the Boston Archdiocese persuaded a county prosecutor to drop a molestation charge against a priest because the priest was being treated for sexual disorders.

So what does the Vatican do in response to this outrageous behavior???

They give the Cardinal Bernard Law a promotion in the form of a resignation from the Boston Archdiocese but he was able to hide inside the safety of the church. Basically within a block of the Holy Father himself, in Vatican City, instead of where he belongs, in jail for aiding and abetting child molesters. If it were anyone else, in any other profession, he would be in jail for the crimes that he committed. Can you imagine a school bus driver saying that "he didn't know" that his co-worker's actions of touching an eight year old boy, were inappropriate?? "Well we just moved him to another company, and I think they moved him to a third company" etc. Or a teacher, or well, anyone?? Much less a Priest.

To the entire city of Boston, now mourning the passing of the Holy Father, a simple question can be asked. How is it that Bernard Law gets to vote in the conclave for the next Pope???

A slap in the face of to Boston, a city that has not forgotten being abandon by their church. And just today an announcement that the Cardinal Law would lead a funeral Mass on Monday. If anything has been learned from this affair, it is that once the Holy Ring is placed on a man's finger it is his forever, no matter his sins before God. A Man. Nothing but a Man.

A World Series Championship Ring will not bring the kind of retribution that this city deserves, but a pair of handcuffs might.