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Q: Who can post a comment?
A: Anyone. Even non-members.

Q: Who can post a blog entry?
A: To start, anyone I "know", whether it's from the old message boards or in real life. From "patriotic, constitution-loving, compassionate liberals" to "selfish, anti-tax, anti-government, war-loving, constitution-hating, god-before-country-theocrats and neocons", it's diversity of opinion that keeps things interesting, so don't be afraid to sign up. As soon as I see an ID I recognize I'll promote you to be able to post in the contributor's blog (hopefully in no more than a day or two.) If I don't "know" you, you'll be "on probation" for a while to ensure you're not a spammer, but it won't take long before you'll be able to post a blog entry, too.

Pretty much anyone will be able to post a blog entry unless they're an asshole. Assholes post links to porn sites, links to drug sites, links to sites filled with viruses, and people's personal information without their knowledge and permission. It's not necessary to completely define what an asshole is, but it is important to point out that "someone who disagrees with me" is not an asshole. I know an asshole when I see one.

Q: That's it? You call this a FAQ? Geez, what a lazy bum!
A: Gawd, when did that large africanized bee fly up YOUR butt? No, it's not all there is. It's all there is FOR NOW. I'll update this as inspiration hits me, so keep checking back or, better yet, ask your OWN damned questions!


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