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August 14th, 2007   (3926 views )


(Don't forget to read the FAQ!)

First, how to get around.

See the 4 tabs up top? Those are 3 "blogs" and an "aggragator" called "Timbuk3. At the moment, only amber and I can post in "Blog". The "Links" blog is for things like the blogroll and links to favorite sites. I'll populate that as the mood strikes me, but it can also be populated by anyone who's a "blogger'. (See the later pages on how to post for more on this.) Then there's the "Contributors" blog. This is where anyone who's a "blogger" can post a new topic. (See the FAQ, but anyone I "know" is a "blogger".)

No one posts in the "Timbuk3" blog. That particular tab leads to a post aggragator. Anything posted in any of the other 3 blogs shows up there, in reverse chronological order.

Click on the tabs to move from blog to blog. If you'd like, I can put a different "skin" on each blog and lock it (so you can't change it.) This might help make it easier to see which blog you're on, but I'm ambivelent on it. If you want this, let me know. I might do it anyway, but I don't like my skin selection right now.

Right below the tabs is the page name. This is also a link. Click on it to return to the main page of whichever blog you happen to be on.

Under each new post is "Leave a Comment" and "Permalink". Click on them to leave a comment. Some posts will have "Read More" or a page number. That means the poster made a long post, with a "teaser" paragraph or two all that shows on the front page. This is probably the preferred method for posting a new blog entry, since posting a long, uninterrupted blog entry will push the next oldest story WAY down the page.

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