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Happy Father's Day

OK, so putting up a new blog site and then leaving for several days probably wasn't the wisest thing I've ever done. A blog/message board with a relatively small membership, that came into existence as a "stable meeting place" should be, among other things, stable.

I like the WP software, but I'm USED TO the B2evo software, and I'm probably not alone on the latter. So, lemme bounce an idea off ya. (Readership appears to have dropped dramatically since I put up the new blog. 93 unique browser hits here, yesterday. So if I don't hear from any of you I'll just do what I think is best.)

I'll keep the old (B2evo) blog at as a "political blog", and I'll use the new (WordPress) blog at as an "anything but politics" blog. My first idea was to make the WP blog an "environmental" blog, but I decided that was too limiting. Post movie reviews, stories about what's going on in your life, gardening tips ... whatever. No worries. It's not like there's "a penalty" for cross-posting. Maybe politics IS what's happening in your life. Maybe you want to talk about an issue (environmentalism comes to mind) that's "in a gray area"; important to you personally, but not entirely apolitical. Post wherever you like. It's a "guideline", not a "rule".

Well, happy Father's Day.

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Comment from: edjasie [Member] Email
Happy Fathers day back to ya.
PermalinkPermalink 06/21/09 @ 11:35
Comment from: lewagner [Member] Email
I haven't had time to play with the new software, yet. Happy Father's Day (though I guess it's a little late).
PermalinkPermalink 06/22/09 @ 03:01
Comment from: Timbuk3 [Member] Email
On the plus side, the new software will be easier for me to maintain.

On the negative side, people who are signed up here but post infrequently might not find the other site unless I shut this one down and put in a re-direct. I haven't tried, but I'm pretty sure I can archive this site.

On Monday morning, faced with another work week, I'm leaning toward doing the latter. I think I'll give it another week or two, then decide. In the meantime, post wherever you want to.
PermalinkPermalink 06/22/09 @ 07:24

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