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An Early Prediction

President Obama will not make the following statement.

"In view of the fact that an overwhelming majority of the American people want (some form of) 'public option' in any health care overhaul, I want congress to know that any bill they present to me without such an option will be vetoed. Following that veto I will ask congress to begin working on election reform, including the requirement that every advertisement during a political campaign end with a disclaimer stating who has funded that congressman's campaign, and therefore who's interest they will be representing if elected. Failure to pass a 'public option' will be a clear signal that it's time to end the tyranny of special interests."

Regardless, congress (specifically, the Senate) will not only fail to pass a bill with a "public option", they'll fail to get the dirty money out of politics and indeed fail to pass any of the reforms that Obama has called for. "Progressives" will be pissed, but at the wrong people.

By the time the next Presidential election rolls around, President Obama will be so weakened by the failure of congress to pass any meaningful progressive reforms that he'll be in danger of becoming a one-term President. His only chance to win will be that the GOP has "learned the lesson of the McCain candidacy", and will put up a candidate who's such a nutter that we'd have to be insane to elect him or her. Unfortunately, this "insanity bar" is no guarantee of the outcome of that election.

You read it here, first.

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Comment from: bhbro [Visitor]
I so agree.

see my blog at

I am more raw than you and angry. Yet in many ways we share the same concerns.
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Comment from: Timbuk3 [Member] Email
Please sign up for and use the other blog at

I deleted your account here before I saw this, thinking you were a spammer. Sorry about that, but no one uses this blog any more, anyway. If I see you on the other blog I'll approve your account.
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