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Archives for: September 2007

Bush mass for shut ins 09-30-07

Bush mass for shut ins is on the air!


Good morning Bush worshippers, those who are ill and those who it's just best not to mix with society. May Lord God Bush bless you all for coming. For it is he who brought us life and everything else. He is a thousand points of light! He makes the sun rise in the morning, puts the frost on our flakes and puts the fruit on the trees. All praise the glory of Lord God Bush. Today we celebrate Private Contractors.


Private Contractors are a good holy thing that can do the jobs that the regular army can not do. If these things were not done, we would lose the war and America would be destroyed. So do not believe the liberal media when they say bad things about them.


He's five foot-two, and he's six feet-four,
He fights with missiles and with spears.
He's all of thirty-one, and he's only seventeen,
Been a soldier for a thousand years.

He'a a Catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain,
A Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew.
And he knows he shouldn't kill,
And he knows he always will,
Kill you for me my friend and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
He's fighting for France,
He's fighting for the USA,
And he's fighting for the Russians,
And he's fighting for Japan,
And he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for Democracy,
He's fighting for the Reds,
He says it's for the peace of all.
He's the one who must decide,
Who's to live and who's to die,
And he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him,
How would Hitler have condemned him at Dachau?
Without him Caesar would have stood alone,
He's the one who gives his body
As a weapon of the war,
And without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the Universal Soldier and he really is to blame,
His orders come from far away no more,
They come from here and there and you and me,
And brothers can't you see,
This is not the way we put the end to war.


Lord God Bush looked down upon the people and spoke. "The private contractors had to fire upon the crowd for they were armed with fresh fruit which we all know are deadly weapons".

What is it that the Profit Cheney is trying to teach us? It is that we must support our privte contractors just as much as we support the troops, otherwise our enemies will win. This the word of George.

Bush mass is over

Your attendance has been recorded and will be sent to the proper authorities. Go in arrogance, may the Lord God George W Bush be with you.

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Preparations for Iran?

Remember the "30,000-pound bunker buster" story from 2004?

They've begun modifying B2 bombers to be able to carry them.

Northrop Grumman press release

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Well it's about time that the Dems started showing some Cojones

Senate Democratic Leaders Demand Apology For Limbaugh’s ‘Outrageous,’ ‘Unconscionable’ Remarks

ThinkProgress has obtained a letter being circulated on Capitol Hill today by the Senate Democratic Leadership that calls on Clear Channel CEO Mark Mays to repudiate its employee Rush Limbaugh’s “phony troops” remark. Clear Channel is Limbaugh’s parent company, and it owns or operates at least 1,165 radio stations in the United States.

The letter, signed by Sens. Harry Reid (D-NV, Dick Durbin (D-IL), Charles Schumer (D-NY), and Patty Murray (D-WA), states that Limbaugh’s comments were “outrageous” and “unconscionable”:


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We have officially gone through the Looking Glass

The country has offically gone insane.


Get a load of this:

Why it’s too much trouble to educate girls past the 5th grade

Oh, you know some asshole is thinking it.

A school in NYC is having problems because their absolute “no bag” policy is a bit anti-female, surprise surprise. As any woman reading this is immediately thinking, the problem with not letting students carry even small bags to school is that female students have a very real need to carry pads and tampons. The danger of bleeding through your pants is statistically much higher than the danger that you’re going to turn out to be a school shooter, but that fact didn’t give the assholes who passed this policy pause.


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Blackwater: Fox investigates hen house

Blackwater case deepens as investigations multiply

5 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AFP) — US and Iraq investigations into powerful private security group Blackwater USA are multiplying as more questions are raised about the firm's actions in a Baghdad shooting that left at least 10 Iraqis dead.

On Friday the US Department of State announced it was sending a team to Iraq led by a senior official to evaluate security measures for US diplomats who have relied on Blackwater and other private security firms for protection in the violence-ridden country.

"My instructions to the panel are simple: their review should be serious, probing and comprehensive," Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in a statement about the review. "Once they have established the baseline facts, I look forward to hearing their recommendations on how to protect our people while furthering our foreign policy objectives."

Not a word of her "instructions" describes how to comply with the wishes of the sovereign Iraqi government.


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The U.S. needlessly inflamed Iraq in the vain hope of sparking a democratic revolution. We got an inferno instead.

While I think the "Democratic Revolution" is complete BS, as are a some of the author's additional points, the folly of Iraq is described well here. Which is ironic as the author is a conservative writing in the Conservative American...

Thus, after five years of counterproductive failure, the dominant American perspective on the Iraq War remains marked by endless vistas of myopia. Concentrating attention on tactical failures enables those who decided on and promoted this war to escape accountability and allows its current defenders to justify the original policy while condemning its execution and continuing the war. It lets Americans scapegoat the Iraqis for results for which they were not primarily responsible. The fact is that the U.S. destroyed the former Iraqi governmental apparatus and created a new government under conditions that virtually guaranteed that it would be dysfunctional. It broke the Iraqis’ legs and now complains because they cannot jump the high hurdles. Most importantly, emphasizing the tactical and contingent causes of failure promotes the idea that the war can still be won or further failure averted by changing tactics and adding resources and effort—the rationale behind the current surge. Similarly, concentrating on the immediate costs and dangers of the war for Americans encourages the belief that if these can be reduced to tolerable levels, the problem will basically be solved.

As the column is lengthy, I didn't post the whole thing. Click the link...

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Bush was AWOL

The fact that Bootsy was AWOL is not news, as is the fact that the "Kerning" horse shit that got Dan Rather fired (and led to his hyper-MF'ing- lawsuit against Les MOOOOOON-VEZ and the CBS suits) was more of the same.

Anyway, Kos revisits the story. This is another tome that needs to be resurrected and kept alive, if for no other reason that it will haunt Little Boots throughout history and define the ass's legacy.

- Upon being accepted for pilot training, Bush promised to serve with his parent (Texas) Guard unit for five years once he completed his pilot training.

But Bush served as a pilot with his parent unit for just two years.

- In May 1972 Bush left the Houston Guard base for Alabama. According to Air Force regulations, Bush was supposed to obtain prior authorization before leaving Texas to join a new Guard unit in Alabama.

But Bush failed to get the authorization.


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Your President Speaks!!!!!

Thanks to my old buddy Holden Caulfield over at First Draft, we get to be entertained by Little Boots extemporizin'.

Timbo has seen this before, I hope the rest of the gang enjoys this as much as I do.

Today, at the State Department in Washington, at his fake climate change summit.

How He Introduced The Man Who Was Personally Responsible For The Suppression of US Reports On Climate Change

I thank Jim Connaughton, who is the Chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality, for being here. I appreciate you being the personal representative of this, and I hope you're doing -- I hope you think he's doing a fine job.

Our Challenge Is Take Advantage Of It

The world's supply of coal is secure and abundant. And our challenge is take advantage of it while maintaining our commitment to the environment.

[rolls eyes back and shakes head vigorously a la Lewis Black]



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I've lost count

How many "most important leaders of al-Qaida in Iraq" have we killed, now?

WASHINGTON - U.S.-led forces have killed one of the most important leaders of al-Qaida in Iraq, a Tunisian believed connected to the kidnapping and killings last summer of American soldiers, a top commander said Friday.

Brig. Gen. Joseph Anderson said the death of the suspected terrorist and recent similar operations have left the organization in Iraq fractured.


So the congress won't have to take up that funding bill after all. I'm sure since "al-Qaida in Iraq" is now "fractured" the Iraqis won't need our help, any more...

Happy day.

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Smart Stuff Fer Readin'

When I pressed Dean to comment on the Democratic candidates, he said he was more interested in whether any Democrats would raise what he called "process" issues - "kind of a dull-sounding word, but actually it's about the machinery of democracy. I was stunned when the Kerry campaign in 2004 totally ignored the remarkable secrecy of the Bush administration. I called the Kerry campaign after the election, and asked them why they hadn't raised this issue. The Kerry people told me, 'We didn't raise it because it's a process issue.'"

"I began making inquiries," he continued, "and found that lots of Democratic party campaign consultants believe that the candidates shouldn't mention process issues. Democrats thought it would make them look wimpy to say 'we're being excluded from the legislative process.' Kerry didn't want to raise secrecy for the same reason - he thought it would sound wimpy."

Was Kerry right about the electorate? "I found that's exactly 180 digress away from the truth," Dean replied. "Most people can't tell you what a motion to recommit is. They don't know about that kind of process. But they know when they're getting screwed. And process is designed to protect the public interest. So people get it when the game of politics is not being played fairly, when one party is using the process for their own benefit. These kinds of things are of great interest to about 20 to 30 million voters."

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Slavery and a Republican Neocon

Look at the disgusting article and its revolting comments.

What a week for American Bigotry in the Spotlight.

Now we have "Slavery-Deniers" in the form of "Israel-Firsters."

Thanks to mahablog.

Now I'll look at the Cat Video.

Oh, and screw Godwin's rule again, eh?

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Giuliani Says He Took Cell Phone Call From Wife Because of Sept. 11

Posted by Stephanie Taylor on September 28, 2007 at 12:36 PM

Rudy Giuliani is now saying that he took a cell phone call from his wife in the middle of a speech last week because of--wait for it--September 11. Of course.

Giuliani also addressed a cell phone call he took from his wife, Judith, last week during his speech to the National Rifle Association...

"And quite honestly, since Sept. 11, most of the time when we get on a plane, we talk to each other and just reaffirm the fact that we love each other," he said.

This is the man whose supporters recently held a "$9.11 for Rudy" fundraiser for him. His political capitalization on that event is officially out of control.

I hope that an intrepid reporter will point out that Rudy was married to someone else at the time. That should lead to hijinks...

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Quiet Around Here Today...

Time for a little political humor.

Today, we're going to review the week's best late night jokes...

"This kind of seems like bad taste to me. A Giuliani fundraiser is now charging $9.11 ... in reference to 9/11. ... Isn't that inappropriate? I mean, isn't it like a Bill Clinton fundraiser charging $69 a head?" --Jay Leno

"How about that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? What a guy this guy is, huh? According to this guy, he says there are no homosexuals in Iran. I guess that explains the pathetic state of their musical theatre." --David Letterman

"The Democrat-controlled Congress' approval rating is now somewhere between rectal itch and that douchebag on the Internet who says 'Leave Britney alone.' ... Their approval ratings is 11%. 11%! They were so stunned at this number, the Democrats, that it sent a chill up and down where their spine used to be." --Bill Maher

There's more at the link.

Thank you very much. I'll be here all week. Try the veal...

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More Blackwater

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Private military contractor Blackwater USA "delayed and impeded" a congressional probe into the 2004 killings of four of its employees in Falluja, Iraq, the House Oversight Committee said Thursday in a report.

This is the incident that led to the war crime of "collective punishment" being committed against the innocent citizens of Falluja. Ironically, this is the same war crime that led to the execution of Saddam Hussein.

You'll notice, if you go to the link and read through the article or look up reports on the incident elsewhere, that it's difficult to even find out what the original "mission" in Falluja was.

If Blackwater is primarily an "escort service" (an appropriate euphemism if I've ever heard one), who were they escorting?


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Psycho Cats

Along the same lines as billy's "quiet around here" post...

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Bush the Saboteur

Marie Cocco, always a friend of the left, points out what an immature, petty, petulant little war criminal Bootsy is.

WASHINGTON—If a candidate for any office ran on a promise to render government dysfunctional—to destroy its capacity to work on behalf of something roughly considered to be the common good, to assure that bitter division and not even a grudging tilt toward compromise would prevail—it is reasonable to assume that voters would recoil. This would surely be true if the office-seeker aspired to a seat on the local sewer commission.

President Bush did not run for the White House on such a platform. But it is how he has governed, and how he seems to see his role—now more than ever. The predisposition has grown since the Democrats won control of Congress, an event that might have punctured the bubble of disinformation around Bush, but which seems only to have reinforced it.


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SCHIP passes congress by wide margin

Bush readies his "stem cells are people too" veto pen.

The stage is set for one of the most significant domestic policy showdowns of the Bush presidency.

The Senate on Thursday night cleared a massive children's health insurance bill by a veto-proof margin, 67-29, but House approval earlier this week of the same bill was not enough for a veto override, leaving President Bush with the upper hand for now.

So, lemme see if I have this straight.

Bush will veto cures for people if it involves "murdering" a few cells that would otherwise be thrown away...

And he'll veto medical care for any of those stem cells that are eventually born.

I don't think "compassionate conservatism" is very compassionate.

As a matter of fact, I think it's batshit crazy.

And dontcha love the "Bush has the upper hand" line?

Ah, "libruhl media", where would we be without your biased, anti-GOP agenda?

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Blackwater, again

Late last month, the Pentagon tapped five major defense contractors to provide wide-ranging support in global counter-narcotics operations. The contract, worth up to $15 billion over the next five years, illustrates the extent to which the Defense Department is relying on contractors to perform critical missions while combat forces are stretched thin by operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.


According to the work statement provided to bidders, the vast majority of the drive will be conducted overseas.


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Bush, Oil -- and Moral Bankruptcy

Ray McGovern at Consortium News opines:

It is an exceedingly dangerous time. Vice President Dick Cheney and his hard-core “neo-conservative” protégés in the administration and Congress are pushing harder and harder for President George W. Bush, isolated from reality, to honor the promise he made to Israel to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Isolated from reality? More like the dumbest SOB to come down the pike since Jethro Bodine rode in on the MoPed...

Also, Dr. Strangelove (a.k.a. Hank Kissinger) weighs in on Iran:

Dr. Kissinger described as a “truism” the notion that “the industrial nations cannot accept radical forces dominating a region on which their economies depend.” (Curious. That same truism was considered a bad thing, when an integral part of the “Brezhnev Doctrine” applied to Eastern Europe.)

Noice. Hank advised Tricky Dick on Viet Nam back in the day and got an additional couple of 10 thousand US troops killed while attempting to keep the economy going with the war machine. Now, in a surrealistic lysergic acid diethylamide flashback, Hank is lending his expertise again...

Peace with Honor, my ass.

The column follows.


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We Were A Great Nation

And now we suck.

Ahmadinejad vs. Khrushchev
By: Steve Benen @ 11:46 AM - PDT

The fact that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was allowed into the United States, and was given an audience at a prestigious university, continues to shock the conscience of many of our conservative friends.

Rick Perlstein reminds us of how the American character shined in 1959 when Nikita Khrushchev — considered at the time the most evil and dangerous man on the planet — visited the United States.

Khrushchev disembarked from his plane at Andrews Air Force Base to a 21-gun salute and a receiving line of 63 officials and bureaucrats, ending with President Eisenhower. He rode 13 miles with Ike in an open limousine to his guest quarters across from the White House. Then he met for two hours with Ike and his foreign policy team. Then came a white-tie state dinner. (The Soviets then put one on at the embassy for Ike.) […]

Had America suddenly succumbed to a fever of weak-kneed appeasement? Had the general running the country — the man who had faced down Hitler! — proven himself what the John Birch Society claimed he was: a conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy?

No. Nikita Khrushchev simply visited a nation that had character. That was mature, well-adjusted. A nation confident we were great.

In the post Cold War-era, it’s easy to forget the context, but the USSR was the most dangerous rival the United States had ever seen. And we welcomed Khrushchev with open arms, anxious to show him and the world our greatness.

Now, not so much.

Not like the good kind of suck.

The ravenous suck of greedy little babies kind of suck.

AND not cute at it either.

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Bobblehead Liar Wants Global Warming to Get Away at Tora Bora

So she's sending in the Pashtun to cut Greenhouse Gases.

Nations must fight climate change like terrorism, Rice says

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Let the Big Dog Eat!!!!


Bill Clinton lets the republics have it on CNN.

NOTE TO DEMS: Pay attention!!!!

The Situation Room: Bill Clinton Slams Republicans for MoveOn Distraction

A visibly angry Bill Clinton had some choice words for the politics of distraction that the Republican party has employed to keep from having to confront their blind support for failed policies.

Of course, CNN’s John King is obliged to bring up the Clenis for “balance.”

CLINTON: …This was classic bait and switch.

COOPER: Focus on that as opposed to focus on what’s really happening ….

CLINTON: Oh yeah. That’s right. “I don’t have to deal with Iraq. I don’t have to tell anybody what I’m going to do. Everything we do in Iraq is obviously right because they said this about Petraeus,” as if it was the only issue in the whole wide world. Come on, these Republicans were all upset about Petraeus-this was one newspaper ad-these are the people that ran a television ad in Georgia with Max Cleland, who lost half his body in Vietnam, in the same ad with Osama


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Jenna Bush: Marriage proposal came at sunrise

I know everyone is real excited about the President's daughter's upcoming nuptials, so I thought an update was in order.

Story Highlights

- Jenna Bush: Boyfriend proposed on top of a mountain

- Describes Henry Hager as "smart," "fun" and "very supportive"

- Talks about the moment during a TV interview

- She admires Chelsea Clinton

[excuse me whilst I go boot puke]

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Jenna Bush said her "boyfriend" -- she doesn't like the word "fiance" -- proposed after rousting her at 4 a.m. to go hiking on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine.

"It's supposedly where the sun first hits the United States," President Bush's daughter said in a television interview about her recent engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Henry Hager.


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Questions for Democratic Leaders

Scarecrow, who posts regularly over at FireDogLake, has an excellent column concerning the Democrats and their timidity. Sounds a lot like the boss man, eh?

More like this, please:

Senate Democrats all claim there is nothing they can accomplish unless they have 60 votes in favor, or in the case of a threatened veto, 67 votes.

So if the Senate gets 56 votes for the Webb Amendment or to restore habeas corpus — strong majorities — these worthwhile measures “fail.” Or as the media report it, the Democrats fail or the Senate fails, but it’s seldom because the Republicans obstructed the measure. And Senate Democrats claim they can’t do anything about it.

Tuesday night, however, in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted the Senate’s 60 vote rule also restricts what the House can accomplish. The Senate’s self-imposed gridlock is now the House’s excuse as well.


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A WP Hamilton sighting?

I thought so at first. He's a recent poster to DU, although I have to admit he doesn't write like our The King of Circular Verbosity. But almost no one uses their actual name as a screen name on DU...WP was one of the few I'd ever seen with an ego big enough to put his junk out there. Read it, judge for yourself.

Oh, the other reason I don't think necessarily him...the post is in strong support of Hillary Clinton. Yikes.

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Late night humor

Since I'm currently too pissed off to post about politics, how 'bout a little levity?

This is great. Little known facts about Ann Coulter.

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Not Why Anybody Died on Omaha Beach

Not so bush could erase The Bill of Rights.

bush is no Roosevelt.

He's more like yer Hitler.

PORTLAND - A federal judge has ruled two provisions of the USA Patriot Act are unconstitutional because they allow search warrants to be issued without probable cause.

Mayfield Portland attorney Brandon Mayfield filed a lawsuit against the federal government after he was mistakenly linked by the FBI to the Madrid train bombings in 2004 and held for two weeks.

Mayfield, a convert to Islam, said he was arrested because of his faith.

The federal government apologized and settled part of the lawsuit for $2 million after admitting a fingerprint was misread.

But as part of the settlement, Mayfield retained the right to challenge parts of the USA Patriot Act.

U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken determined Wednesday the provisions violate the fourth amendment.

The judge repeatedly criticizing the government in her decision, saying the U.S. Attorney General's office was essentially asking the court to amend the Bill of Rights when it sought to dismiss Mayfield's case.

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Make-Believe Reagan

In Fred Thompson's fantasy world, all you have to do to be president is pretend you're the Gipper and act tough on TV

Matt Taibbi

Posted Sep 20, 2007 10:11 AM

I can say exactly when I first knew that Fred Dalton Thompson is dangerous. It is 12:07 p.m. on Sunday, September 9th, in Manchester, New Hampshire, just outside a restaurant called Chez Vachon. Thompson has just served up another mumbling, noncommittal tour through a packed diner of breakfasting locals, sitting glumly through the requisite this-sure-is-great-coffee shot. Then, once the needed photos are banked, the lumbering B-list character actor -- who plays a video called "The Hunt for Red November" at every campaign stop and sells buttons that, in an unsettlingly McLuhanian twist, pimp him as the "Law and Order candidate" -- tries to make a quick beeline back to his bus. But a cheeky local TV reporter shouts at him before he can reach the door.

"Senator!" the reporter calls out. "What's harder, playing the president or being the president?"

It is a shitty New Hampshire day; as Thompson stands on the street in a blue polo shirt, cold rain splashes visibly off his bald head. There are times when the candidate's eyes go blank and you almost see a big sign in his brain screaming, "Line! Line!" Finally, he glances back at the reporter and grumbles, "Well, neither of 'em are that hard."

I turn to the TV guy, not sure of what I'd just heard.

"Did he just say . . . ?"

"Yeah," the guy says, dumbfounded. "He just said being president isn't that hard."

Read on to find out who, how, and why "the right-wing hatchet man for Fox News" ridicules lazy old Fred.

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Joe Galloway: The Evil that Men Do

Y'know gang, I think Joe's on to sumpin' here:

Once again, the Bush administration is flimflamming the hapless Democratic majority in Congress into rushing an important piece of legislation into law without serious thought or debate about the implications.

Although Congress passed a temporary extension of the FISA law in August that carries it through to February, the administration is already back demanding the immediate passage of a permanent law that permits the government to snoop on all private communications.

They’ve also requested a few “improvements” to the law, including a retroactive waiver of liability for the big telecommunications companies that gave the government unfettered warrantless access to phone calls and e-mail communications in violation of existing law.

The other “improvements” that the White House wants, and our intelligence chiefs say they need, would broaden the already bloated power of the executive branch.

This, even as one member of Congress revealed this week that the temporary extension of the snooping law was jammed through in August when administration officials stampeded legislators by revealing secret information about an alleged terrorist plot to bomb the Capitol. Which, surprise, never materialized.


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Lieberman-Kyl Passes

Schumer and Hillary voted "Yea."

[Oh and Joe Biden voted "Nay."]

[Oh and Hagel voted "Nay" and Obama didn't vote.]

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Worse than Abu Graib?

A few days ago, in reference to Blackwater in Iraq, I said that "This is a FAR bigger deal than the military-industrial-media is making it."

Well, I was referring to the question of whether or not *Bush's private mercenary/dark christian army would be allowed to continue to terrorize the citizens of Iraq when "the Iraqi government" (which we all know by now is a hideously corrupt joke of a sock-puppet for "Bush/Cheney policy in Iraq") is demanding that they be investigated, prosecuted if need be, and have their operations suspended is a "litums test" for whether it's time to call the Bush/Cheney claim of "Democracy" in Iraq bullshit, or not. (Of course, most anyone reading this blog is smart enough to have called "bullshit" on this particular lie long ago, but I'm talking about the military-industrial-media having no choice but to admit it to Joe Sixpack, who's more worried about holding off the outsourcing of his job than he is about a dark christian mercenary army the media hasn't told him existed, yet.)

As it turns out, I may have understimated the importance of the latest incident involving Blackwater.


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Snapshot: The Death of American News

Seems as if Cutesy Poopchute (Katie Couric) is touring Mess-O-Potamia. Over at Kos the report is up.


1. Katie Couric goes to Baghdad. Asks "typical family" what it's like "to live in fear." (Answer: frightening).

2. MoveOn shows people just what Katie did in Baghdad:

3. Baghdad trip turns out to be not just a snoozefest, but also ratings poison:

The "CBS Evening News" tied a record low with just under 5.5 million viewers last week, Nielsen Media Research said Tuesday. Last week and Memorial Day week are the two least-watched CBS evening newscasts since at least 1987, and probably far earlier.


Permalink09/26/07, 01:11:20 pm, by billy b, 239 views, User Posts 2 feedbacks

Waxman: State Department blocking congressional probe

In the "You Could See This One Coming" department, Condileeza Rice is interfering in the House Oversight Committee's probe of Blackwater and that company's alleged corruption in Iraq:

Waxman, chairman of the House oversight committee, complained in a letter to Rice that the State Department this week barred its officials from talking to Congress about corruption in Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki's government unless those discussions are kept secret.

The department also retroactively classified a study drafted by the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad that reportedly details extensive corruption in al-Maliki's government, Waxman said.

"Your position seems to be that positive information about the Maliki government may be disseminated publicly, but any criticism of the government must be treated as a national security secret," Waxman told Rice.

"You are wrong to interfere with the committee's inquiry," he wrote.

No surprise here. The article is a little long, so I didn't post it all. Click the link.

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You already knew this, didn't you?

At a forum on FISA hosted by the Center for American Progress, Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) said that on Aug. 2, word of specific intelligence prompted increased security on Capitol Hill. The House and Senate passed the FISA expansion bill days later.

In what she called a "Rovian strategy of using terrorism as a wedge political issue," Rep. Harman charged that the threat, "it turned out, was bogus; the intelligence agencies knew that."

"The President continues to insist...that he can spy on Americans without warrants irrespective of what a statute says--that he has constitutional authority to override whatever Congress may do," said Fine.

"There is no disinclination of this administration," he continued "to stoop to misrepresentations and omissions to heighten the sense of danger to get whatever they wish in the legislative package."

The Raw Story

Off the top of my head:

"If Democrats are elected we'll be hit again."

"If we leave Iraq the terrorists will win."

"Go shopping."

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Home prices rising

Well, one type of home, anyway.

Sun-powered homes defy a cool housing market
By Elizabeth Douglass, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
September 25, 2007

Builders say buyers are seeking them out, and solar industry officials say growth is going through the roof.

With foreclosures rising and home prices diving, there is a bright spot in California's residential real estate market: Solar-powered homes are starting to outsell traditionally electrified new homes in several markets, and developers are stepping up their use of the technology.

Perhaps it's only fitting for a state that so openly celebrates its sunshine. Still, the growing popularity of household solar power is an encouraging sign for the thousands of solar enthusiasts and vendors gathering in Long Beach this week.

"Those builders are seeing that they'll get more buyers coming to their developments when they have solar. They sell like hot cakes," said Bernadette del Chiaro, energy specialist at the advocacy group Environment California.

Supply and demand.

Permalink09/26/07, 07:41:02 am, by Timbuk3 Email , 134 views, Latest Posts 2 feedbacks


In recent months, most of the military's indicators have pointed in a favorable direction. As with all statistics, however, their meaning depends on how they are gathered and analyzed. "Everybody has their own way of doing it," Macomber said of his sectarian analyses. "If you and I . . . pulled from the same database, and I pulled one day and you pulled the next, we would have totally different numbers."

Apparent contradictions are relatively easy to find in the flood of bar charts and trend lines the military produces. Civilian casualty numbers in the Pentagon's latest quarterly report on Iraq last week, for example, differ significantly from those presented by the top commander in Iraq, Gen. David H. Petraeus, in his recent congressional testimony. Petraeus's chart was limited to numbers of dead, while the Pentagon combined the numbers of dead and wounded -- a figure that should be greater. Yet Petraeus's numbers were higher than the Pentagon's for the months preceding this year's increase of U.S. troops to Iraq, and lower since U.S. operations escalated this summer.

The charts are difficult to compare: Petraeus used monthly figures on a line graph, while the Pentagon computed "Average Daily Casualties" on a bar chart, and neither included actual numbers. But the numerical differences are still stark, and the reasons offered can be hard to parse. The Pentagon, in a written clarification, said that "Gen. Petraeus reported civilian deaths based on incidents reported by Coalition forces plus Iraqi government data. The [Pentagon] report only includes incidents reported by Coalition forces for civilian causality data."

Read the whole thing (but don't tell anybody you don't believe every word uttered by every General under Bush's command. People might call you a "leftist" or something bad like that.)

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If you thought "the ad" pissed them off...

About his cover story in the "left-wing" Maclean's, freelance journalist Patrick Graham says that the U.S. "basically created a home grown insurgency in Anbar, which they've now won over, and now they're not admitting to themselves what they're doing -- which is taking up where Saddam left off."

Text and links from Cursor (who could use a few bucks if you can spare them.)

Opening 'graphs from the first link:


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Watch Trump smack around a small group of bushie bobbleheads.

Permalink09/25/07, 05:25:58 pm, by bastard_amber Email , 107 views, Latest Posts 1 feedback

Did Bubble-Boy actually say this?

Somebody, please tell me this is a typo or something...

UNITED NATIONS (AP) - President Bush announced new sanctions Tuesday against the military dictatorship in Myanmar, accusing it of imposing "a 19-year reign of fear" that denies basic freedoms of speech, assembly and worship.

"Americans are outraged by the situation in Burma," the president said in an address to the U.N. General Assembly. Now called Myanmar, the Asian country also is known as Burma.

Prior to today, have any of you guys heard the word "Burma" squeak past the lips of the talking heads as they expound on OJ, Iran, the indefensibility of MoveOn, the unimpeachability of Petraeus, and the allegations that Britney is a (gasp) drug-addled slut?

Prior to today, does it seem more likely that Katie Couric would be explaining why it's inevitable Hillary will be the "Democrat" candidate in the next Presidential election, or pointing out Myanmar on a map?

Last night, which was your neighbor most likely to have been talking about: how much money their neighbors lost on their house after their job was outsourced and they had to sell, or how "outraged" they were about the situation in Burma?

I've heard the audience applauded his speech twice. At the beginning, and at the end.

I'm tired of this man embarrassing America.

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Southwest Makes Coulter Cover Up

WASHED-UP, FL (IWR Satire) - Southwest Airlines today made conservative pundit Ann Coulter put a paper bag over her head to cover her offensive hooker style painted face and pulsating Adam's apple. "We had to do something. All the senior citizens and school children thought her Adam's apple was going to explode any minute as Coulter spewed her hate speech in her cell phone on the plane," said Southwest spokesperson Freak-Out Freddie.

I don't think I need to let anyone in on the fact this is parody. Make sure you click the link, as the pic of Manny Annie is hilarious.

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Fear Of The Democratic President

How dare they?

The American Freedom Agenda’s (AFA) mission is twofold: the enactment of a cluster of statutes that would restore the Constitution’s checks and balances as enshrined by the Founding Fathers; and, making the subject a staple of political campaigns and of foremost concern to Members of Congress and to voters and educators. Especially since 9/11, the executive branch has chronically usurped legislative or judicial power, and has repeatedly claimed that the President is the law. The constitutional grievances against the White House are chilling, reminiscent of the kingly abuses that provoked the Declaration of Independence.


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Guantanamo Tribunals Back On Track

Permalink09/25/07, 07:27:04 am, by oralloy Email , 97 views, User Posts 1 feedback

Wartime Columns of Ernie Pyle

Permalink09/24/07, 11:41:07 pm, by bastard_amber Email , 128 views, User Posts 4 feedbacks

Troops Spit on General In Time of War


Dugout Doug MacArthur lies ashakin' on the Rock
Safe from all the bombers and from any sudden shock
Dugout Doug is eating of the best food on Bataan
And his troops go starving on

Disgusted and disillusioned by MacArthur's absence from the front lines, the failure of promised relief, and MacArthur's retention of adequate food for himself and others on Corregidor, his starving troops on Bataan coined this derisive verse. The title "Dugout Doug" attached itself to MacArthur behind his back for the rest of the war.


I guess just like Giuliani said, the troops suck.

MacArthur demands and receives a reward for "distinguished service" from President Quezon

Suspecting that his military reputation and career had been compromised by his failing defence of the Philippines, MacArthur spent his first two weeks on Corregidor pestering President Quezon for rewards for his "distinguished service" to the Philippines. Quezon was terminally ill and racked with anxiety for the fate of his countrymen. He was in no fit state to resist MacArthur's demands. He also believed that his best hope for continued American support lay with MacArthur, and he responded to MacArthur's pressure for rewards by granting him the sum of $500,000 from the impoverished Philippine Treasury on Corregidor. In today's values, the gift to MacArthur would have been worth in excess of $5,000,000. MacArthur's closest staff officers received smaller sums. These gifts of large sums of money to serving officers of the United States Army were grossly improper, but Roosevelt and Secretary for War Stimson elected to turn a blind eye even though they were aware of the payments.

When Quezon had escaped from the Philippines, he visited Washington and offered General Dwight D. Eisenhower $60,000 for "distinguished service" during Eisenhower's time in the Philippines as MacArthur's chief of staff. Eisenhower politely declined the improper gift.


An American General is a worthless asswipe?

What do you KNOW?

I wonder if an American General would lie to Congress in order to perpetuate a war?

I wonder.

Quotes lifted from this guy:

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Of What Are the bushies Capable?

Cheney mulled Israeli strike on Iran: Newsweek

Sun Sep 23, 2:34 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Vice President Dick Cheney had at one point considered asking Israel to launch limited missile strikes at an Iranian nuclear site to provoke a retaliation, Newsweek magazine reported on Sunday.

The news comes amid reports that Israel launched an air strike against Syria this month over a suspected nuclear site.

Citing two unidentified sources, Newsweek said former Cheney Middle East adviser David Wurmser told a small group several months ago that Cheney was considering asking Israel to strike the Iranian nuclear site at Natanz.

A military response by Iran could give Washington an excuse to then launch airstrikes of its own, Newsweek said.

The bushies are capable of EVERYTHING.

And the way they use 9/11, well, it's just with way too much GLEE.

Like say your neighbor's wife drowns.

Later, after the life insurance check arrives, he drives off in a Cadillac Coupe de Ville with his Secretary, never to be heard from again.

You just know something was up with that.


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Hillary and Obama Take Money from bushie Crooks and Liars

Michael Janofsky Fri Sep 21, 12:16 AM ET

Sept. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Dozens of corporate executives who backed President George W. Bush for re-election in 2004, including some of his top fund-raisers, are now helping Democrats running for president.

John Mack, chief executive officer of Morgan Stanley, Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp., and Terry Semel, chairman of Yahoo! Inc., are among some 60 executives writing checks to Democrats such as Senators Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois, a review of U.S. Federal Election Commission records shows.

Hee hee hee....

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Oh, this is nice: US snipers 'bait' Iraqis: report

How to Win Friends and Influence People:

WASHINGTON (AFP) - US military snipers in Iraq are "baiting" Iraqis by scattering items such as detonation cord, plastic explosives and ammunition, and then ambushing and killing those who pick them up, The Washington Post reported Monday.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman declined to comment on the Post story, which reported such actions were being taken at the urging of Pentagon experts on special operations.

But Whitman did say the US military rules of engagement "certainly recognize and reflect the values of this nation."

An army official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of secrecy rules, said he could not rule out that snipers were using bait such as detonation cords or blasting camps to lure out and kill suspected [emphasis mine] insurgents.


Permalink09/24/07, 03:44:04 pm, by billy b, 269 views, User Posts 4 feedbacks

Funny As Hell

Where the Republicans will spend eternity....

"“As an American citizen tell me what trait do you admire?” the president asked Pelley.

“Well Mr. Bush is without question a very religious man for example, as you are,” Pelley replied.

“What religion, please tell me, tells you as a follower of that religion to occupy another country and kill its people, please tell me, does Christianity tell its followers to do that?” Ahmadinejad asked."

Democracy is a bitch, and the Democratically-elected leader of Iran is a funny funny bastard.

Goes hand in hand with the Wingers who always quote the Old Testament and never the New....

Stupid Goddamned to Hell Jackasses...

Hee hee hee....

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Syria Promoted to Axis of Evil

Israel bombs and destroys a North-Korean-built nuclear weapons facility in Syria:


US had knowledge of the bombing raid:


Bombing raid was preceded by a commando raid to verify the fact that it was indeed a North-Korean-built nuclear weapons facility:

Permalink09/24/07, 10:23:18 am, by oralloy Email , 149 views, User Posts 2 feedbacks

Military Chief: 'No War' With Iran

Betrayus' boss William Fallon says, "This constant drum beat of conflict is what strikes me which is not helpful and not useful."

It's somewhat comforting that the CINC of Central Command thinks this. I imagine there are more in the military who think as such, also. Let's hope so.

BAGHDAD - The commander of U.S. military forces in the Middle East does not believe current tensions with Iran will lead to war and urges for greater emphasis on dialogue and diplomacy.

"This constant drum beat of conflict is what strikes me which is not helpful and not useful," Adm. William Fallon said in an interview with Al-Jazeera television, which made a partial transcript available Sunday.


Permalink09/24/07, 08:16:15 am, by billy b, 297 views, User Posts 5 feedbacks

Democracy? Or NOT?

The Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, showed an unexpected streak of stubbornness yesterday in his stand-off with the US over the Blackwater shootings, insisting that action had to be taken against the private security firm.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Mr Maliki, who is in New York for the United Nations general assembly, said Blackwater posed "a serious challenge to the sovereignty of Iraq and cannot be accepted".

His comments were at odds with a briefing of journalists by an Iraqi official in Baghdad who said the expulsion of Blackwater, which has 1,000 staff in the country and provides protection for the US ambassador and other US diplomats, would leave a security vacuum.

Blackwater guards are alleged to have shot 11 civilians in Baghdad last Sunday while protecting a US diplomatic convoy. Blackwater said they were returning fire, while the Iraqi government insisted they opened fire first.

Although the Iraqi government's immediate response was to order the expulsion of Blackwater, the guards are still in Iraq and resumed work on Friday. The US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, has pleaded for them to remain and the row has turned into a test of Iraqi autonomy.

The Guardian

This is a tough position for the warmongers, end-of-the-worlders, oil company executives, and expansionists.

We didn't go to war because there were any WMD, nuke-ya-ler weapons, or ties to al Qaida so they fell back on "we're giving them democracy". (No one's ever bothered to point out to me where the constitution authorizes "giving democracy" as a power granted to anyone in our government, but that's for another day.)

So, what is it? Is Iraq a democracy, or are going to insist on protecting Blackwater's profits?

Permalink09/23/07, 10:49:16 pm, by Timbuk3 Email , 154 views, Latest Posts 5 feedbacks

Americans want change

Republican-Americans want to obstruct change.

Now this is curious. In the latest Gallup poll, more Republicans approve of the job Congress is doing than there are Democrats who approve. According to the poll, 37% of Republicans approve of Congress' performance, compared to 23% of Democrats and 14% of independents, with an overall rating of 24% approval and 71% disapproval.

This is odd, of course, considering that both houses have Democratic majorities. But on second thought, the current Congress has passed President Bush's funding requests for Iraq, passed his FISA bill, and has given the White House exactly what it wanted on a host of other issues. So what do Republicans really have to complain about?

TPM Election Central

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The Difference Is Like Night and Day

RUSSERT: As you well know you voted to authorize this war, voted to fund this war at lest ten times. Are you now saying that you will not vote one more penny for the war in Iraq.

Clinton: And these extraordinary brave young men and women should begin to come home out of refereeing this sectarian civil war. I voted against funding last spring - I understand we are going to have vote shortly about funding and I will vote against it. Because I think it’s the only way that we can demonstrate clearly that we have to change direction…

[via Crooks and Liars]

Proud of her.

She's listening....

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Candidates Don't Wanna be bushies Anymore!

Analysis: Bush unwelcome on the trail

By LIZ SIDOTI, Associated Press Writer 38 minutes ago

MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich. - Republican presidential candidates can't be any more clear: President Bush isn't welcome on the campaign trail.

Competing to succeed him, top GOP candidates Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and John McCain barely utter Bush's name. They essentially ignore the lame-duck president, or give him only passing credit, as they rail against the status quo and promise to fix problems he hasn't solved.

"We all know Americans want change," said McCain, an Arizona senator, explaining the aversion to aligning with Bush. "I give him credit for a number of things but I think the fact is Americans are turning the page, including our Republican primary voters."

Perhaps telling America that she will be attacked if they elect Democrats will bring "Winds of Change" to their Mud-Slung Republican Crap-Sniffing Boy-Fondling "Par-Tay."

Permalink09/23/07, 01:56:08 pm, by bastard_amber Email , 112 views, User Posts 1 feedback

P. M. Carpenter: My conservative epiphany

Carpenter opines on the WSJ's Kim Strassel's editorial decrying the SCHIPS plan and "controlling spending". Strassel maintains that spending $35 billions over five years on a plan that insure poor children is wasteful but DOES NOT MENTION THE MONEY BEING SPENT IN IRAQ ONCE in the column.

What we have here Kimberly, is a case of intellectual dishonesty, to put it mildly.

Kimberley Strassel, a Wall Street Journal editorial fiction writer, yesterday produced a fine piece of outrage that managed, in a mere 1000 words, to encapsulate modern conservatism's fundamentalist fiscal philosophy: "Trillions for defense, but not a sixpence for homefolks."

Ms. Strassel's precise target was, of course, the horrifying State Children's Health Insurance Program bill -- bipartisan legislation that recognizes that lower middle-class children without healthcare nevertheless shall remain healthcare-less despite their demographic status, unless something is done. Imagine that.


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Iran and 911: There is no connection

With all the ruckus over Ahmadinejad's request to visit “Ground Zero” to lay a wreath, it is worth remembering how Iran responded to the 9/11 attacks.

"On behalf of the Iranian government and the nation, I condemn the hijacking attempts and terrorist attacks on public centers in American cities which have killed a large number of innocent people," President Khatami said in reaction to the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. ... "My deep sympathy goes out to the American nation, particularly those who have suffered from the attacks and also the families of the victims,"


When 15 of the 18 hijackers were Saudis it makes as much sense to ban the current Iranian President from the WTC site as it would make to ban the rulers of China, India, or Canada.

Giuliani, the mayor at the time of the attacks, was caught in a dust-up when he took a Saudi prince on a tour of the site in October 2001. Giuliani then rejected the prince's $10 million relief check after the prince suggested U.S. policies in the Middle East were partly to blame for the carnage.

The Iranian president, in an interview to air Sunday on "60 Minutes," indicated he would not press the issue. "I won't insist," Ahmadinejad said, although he expressed disbelief that the visit would offend Americans.


The selling of the next war has begun before we can end the 2 we're already in.

As Americans wonder how to cope with Iran, Iran keeps killing Americans. The primary battleground is Iraq, where agents of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards fund and arm the Shiite extremists whose IEDs pierce the armor of U.S. soldiers and whose bombs massacre Iraqi civilians. Within the next few days, four senators will introduce legislation that faces these facts unflinchingly and calls on America to win.

(Bullshit in italics.)

National Review

"My station was intimidated by the administration and its foot soldiers at FOX News."

That is CNN's Christiane Amanpour explaining why the major television networks failed to accurately inform the public in the lead-up to the Iraq war, choosing instead to follow FOX's lead.

Now, FOX is beating the drums for war with Iran.

This is a test of our national sanity. If you hate the war in Iraq, wait until you see what war with Iran looks like.

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Bush mass for shut ins for 09-23-07

Bush mass for shut ins is on the air!


Good morning Bush worshippers, those who are ill and those who it's just best not to mix with society. May Lord God Bush bless you all for coming. For it is he who brought us life and everything else. He is a thousand points of light! He makes the sun rise in the morning, puts the frost on our flakes and puts the fruit on the trees. All praise the glory of Lord God Bush. Today we celebrate Faith.


Faith is a good holy thing we should all have in Lord God Bush and the holy uncorruptable republican party. If we do not have faith in them, it proves our hatred for America and all things good and holy.


Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away;
Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air.
You better watch out,
There may be dogs about
I’ve looked over jordan, and I have seen
Things are not what they seem.

What do you get for pretending the danger’s not real.
Meek and obedient you follow the leader
Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel.
What a surprise!
A look of terminal shock in your eyes.
Now things are really what they seem.
No, this is no bad dream.

The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
He makes me down to lie
Through pastures green he leadeth me the silent waters by.
With bright knives he releaseth my soul.
He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places.
He converteth me to lamb cutlets,
For lo, he hath great power, and great hunger.
When cometh the day we lowly ones,
Through quiet reflection, and great dedication
Master the art of karate,
Lo, we shall rise up,
And then we’ll make the bugger’s eyes water.

Bleating and babbling I fell on his neck with a scream.
Wave upon wave of demented avengers
March cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream.

Have you heard the news?
The dogs are dead!
You better stay home
And do as you’re told.
Get out of the road if you want to grow old.


Lord God Bush looked down upon the people and spoke. `All those who have faith in me will be rewarded with the spirit of patriotism. All those who dont hate America and everything it stands for.` And the people obeyed him and soon recieved a holy sheering.

What is it that the Profit Cheney is trying to teach us? It is that we must always have faith in Lord God Bush and never ever question his holy actions or we will not recieve our holy sheering. This the word of George.

Bush mass is over

Your attendance has been recorded and will be sent to the proper authorities. Go in arrogance, may the Lord God George W Bush be with you.

Permalink09/23/07, 08:56:47 am, by first_church_of_bush Email , 108 views, User Posts 2 feedbacks

bushies Cheer on the Terrorists

Pleeeeease don't let Fairy Fickin Godmother Privitazation cause damage to the Grand Legacy of Mr. Monkey Ears! Pleeeease Dear God!

Iraqi investigators have a videotape that shows Blackwater USA guards opened fire against civilians without provocation in an incident last week in which 11 people died, a senior Iraqi official said Saturday. He said the case was referred to the Iraqi judiciary.

Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf said Iraqi authorities had completed an investigation into the Sept. 16 shooting in Nisoor Square in western Baghdad and concluded that Blackwater guards were responsible for the deaths.

He told The Associated Press that the conclusion was based on witness statements as well as videotape shot by cameras at the nearby headquarters of the national police command. He said eight people were killed at the scene and three of the 15 wounded died in hospitals.

Permalink09/22/07, 08:55:07 pm, by bastard_amber Email , 136 views, User Posts 3 feedbacks

more iran

An excerpt from the middle of an article:


"Washington is seriously reviewing plans to bomb not just nuclear sites, but oil sites, military sites and even leadership targets. The talk is of multiple targets," said Mr. Cronin. "In Washington there is very serious discussion that this is a window that has to be looked at seriously because there is only six months to 'do something about Iran' before it will be looked at as a purely political issue."

US presidential elections are due in November 2008, and military action at the height of the campaign is usually seen by voters as politically motivated.

Vincent Cannistraro, a former CIA counter-terrorism chief who is now a security analyst, said: "The decision to attack was made some time ago. It will be in two stages. If a smoking gun is found in terms of Iranian interference in Iraq, the US will retaliate on a tactical level, and they will strike against military targets. The second part of this is: Bush has made the decision to launch a strategic attack against Iranian nuclear facilities, although not before next year. He has been lining up some Sunni countries for tacit support for his actions."

Click here if you want the article to be labeled "Special Report: Iran"

Click here if you want the article to be labeled "Special Report: USA"

Permalink09/22/07, 02:39:31 pm, by oralloy Email , 132 views, User Posts 2 feedbacks

Blackwater faces illegal weapons smuggling investigation

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Federal prosecutors are investigating allegations that employees of Blackwater -- the security firm accused of killing up to 20 Iraqi civilians -- illegally smuggled weapons into Iraq, according to U.S. government sources.

Security operations by North Carolina-based Blackwater USA, which is hired by the U.S. State Department to guard U.S. staff in Iraq, were suspended this week amid concerns by Iraqi and U.S. government officials over the shootings in Baghdad last weekend.

Normal operations resumed Friday, the State Department said.

A U.S. government official said the U.S. attorney's office in Raleigh, North Carolina, is investigating individual Blackwater employees -- not the company -- for illegal weapons deals.


Permalink09/22/07, 10:54:59 am, by billy b, 624 views, User Posts 7 feedbacks

Craven Fools

From HuffPo: Robert Borosage's lovely smackdown of the Democrats that voted to support the stupid resolution condemning's Betrayus ad is a good read.

Why would Democrats do this? One hapless aide suggested that they were fearful of the electoral consequences of not disavowing Moveon. Pathetic. Republicans are using filibusters to block majority support for ending Bush's disastrous venture in Iraq, to deny soldiers the guarantee of basic home rotations vital to their mental health and military training, to block restoration of basic habeas corpus rights, to block empowering Medicare to negotiate lower prices on prescription drugs for seniors. They are defending an occupation that has cost 30,000 U.S. casualties and nearly $1 trillion while isolating us from our allies, emboldening our enemies and providing a recruiting boon to a reconstituted al Qaeda. They are wedded to a casino economy that doesn't work for most Americans. They are responsible for so disemboweling our regulatory agencies that our children and pets are being poisoned by deadly imports. Their legislative caucus has made closeted corruption and hypocrisy their trademark. And Democrats are worried about a newspaper ad? Would you want these quails in your foxhole?


Permalink09/22/07, 09:09:37 am, by billy b, 373 views, User Posts 3 feedbacks

Billo Really is a Homey

And in the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" Department, Billo weighs in on his trips to Harlem.

O'Reilly surprised "there was no difference" between Harlem restaurant and other New York restaurants

Summary: Discussing his recent dinner with Rev. Al Sharpton at the Harlem restaurant Sylvia's, Bill O'Reilly reported that he "couldn't get over the fact that there was no difference between Sylvia's restaurant and any other restaurant in New York City. I mean, it was exactly the same, even though it's run by blacks, primarily black patronship." O'Reilly added: "There wasn't one person in Sylvia's who was screaming, 'M-Fer, I want more iced tea.' "

Long article - the rest is at the link.

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What a Wienie

Point and laugh, and never let him terrorize you with lies again.

Vicente Fox: "Cowboy" Bush Is Scared Of Horses
By Eric Kleefeld - September 21, 2007, 9:20AM

Here's another fun detail from Vicente Fox's upcoming autobiography: He says that despite President Bush's cowboy image, the man is actually scared of horses.

Fox tells the story of the two men meeting in Mexico in early 2001, in which he invited Bush to ride a large horse. Bush nervously backed away. "A horse lover can always tell when others don't share our passion," Fox wrote.

Fun fact: Bush's Crawford ranch, purchased in 1999 in order to help create a down-home image for his presidential campaign, does not have any horses.

Permalink09/21/07, 01:43:03 pm, by bastard_amber Email , 111 views, Latest Posts 4 feedbacks

Olbermann to Bush: ‘Your Hypocrisy is so Vast’

Via Common Dreams, Olbermann's rant of last eve is at the link.

A few highlights:

“And I was disappointed that not more leaders in the Democrat party spoke out strongly against that kind of ad.

“And that leads me to come to this conclusion: that most Democrats are afraid of irritating a left-wing group like or more afraid of irritating them, than they are of irritating the United States military.”

“That was a sorry deal.”

First off, it’s “Democrat-ic” party.

You keep pretending you’re not a politician, so stop using words your party made up. Show a little respect.

Little Boots just can't help himself with that Democrat Party thing.

But Mr. Bush, you have hidden behind the General’s skirts, and today you have hidden behind the skirts of ‘the planted last question’ at a news conference, to indicate once again that your presidency has been about the tilted playing field, about no rules for your party in terms of character assassination and changing the fabric of our nation, and no right for your opponents or critics to as much as respond.

That is not only un-American but it is dictatorial.

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al-Jazeera Cameraman Near Death at Guantanamo

Al-Jazeera man 'close to death' at Guantanamo Bay

By Robert Verkaik, Law Editor
Published: 13 September 2007

An al-Jazeera journalist captured in Afghanistan six years ago and sent to Guantanamo Bay is close to becoming the fifth detainee at the US naval base to take his own life, according to a medical report written by a team of British and American psychiatrists.

Sami al-Haj, a Sudanese national, is 250 days into a hunger strike which he began in protest over his detention without charge or trial in January 2002. But British and American doctors, who have been given exclusive access to his interview notes, say there is very strong evidence that he has given up his fight for life, experiencing what doctors recognise as "passive suicide", a condition suffered by female victims of Darfur.

Dr Dan Creson, a US psychiatrist who has worked with the United Nations in Darfur, said Mr Haj was suffering from severe depression and may be deteriorating to the point of imminent death.

He said the detainee's condition was similar to that of Darfuri women in Sudan whose mind suddenly experiences an irreversible decline after enduring months of starvation and abuse. He said: "In the midst of rape, slow starvation, and abject humiliation, they did whatever they could to survive and save their children; then, suddenly, something happened in their psyche, and, without warning, they would just sit down with their small children beneath the first small area of available shade and with no apparent emotion wait for death."

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Bush says 'Iraq's Mandelas' are dead

While I take it that Little Boots was trying to make an analogy with his comments concerning Iraq, Saddam, and Nelson Mandela, I have to say that the boy is bizarre.

Blaming Saddam for the current state of Iraq is like blaming Bill Clinton for 9/11.

The worst of it is that Bush is solely responsible for carnage, the displacement of Iraqi citizens, the civil war, the destruction of Iraqi infrastructure, and anything else that is wrong in that country and he will not even consider taking responsibility. He seems to think that things are getting back to normal in Iraq.

Words fail me...


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3rd Annual Most Corrupt Members of Congress Report

Check it out.

Marvel at the corruption. Be amazed at the hypocrisy. Step right up and see who's "giving it to you" where you REALLY don't want it.

The 22 most corrupt members of Congress.

And 4 of them are Democrats!

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What I learned this week

Although I've been told all of my life that America is a representative democracy, I do not live in a representative democracy.

There it is. I said it.

Now it's up to me to back it up.


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Ted Stevens Must Be Guilty

If even the Republican FBI has to tape his phone, he must REALLY be guilty.

FBI Taped Stevens' Calls

The AP is reporting that VECO exec Bill Allen cooperated with investigators in a sting operation against the Alaska senator.

Conversely, every Democrat taped by the Republican FBI is the victim of a Political Vendetta.


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Hee hee hee

SO absurd this guy keeps appearing on my Google News even though he attacked me.

I'm laughing SO hard.

2:43 MECCA TIME, 23:43 GMT

Bin Laden wants Musharraf 'removed'

Even with the greatest military on the planet, bush just can't get 'er done.

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Simply Excellent

Republican outrage at the MoveOn ad is "Political Correctness."

How Dare You!
Wednesday, Sep. 19, 2007 By MICHAEL KINSLEY

Goodness gracious. oh, my paws and whiskers. Some of the meanest, most ornery hombres around are suddenly feeling faint. Notorious tough guys are swooning with the vapors. The biggest beasts in the barnyard are all aflutter over something they read in the New York Times. It's that ad from — the one that calls General David Petraeus, the head of U.S. forces in Iraq, general betray us. All across the radio spectrum, right-wing shock jocks are themselves shocked. How could anybody say such a thing? It's horrifying. It's outrageous. It's disgraceful. It's just beyond the pale ... It's ... oh, my heavens ... say, is it a bit stuffy in here? ... I think I'm going to ... Could I have a glass of ... oh, dear [thud].


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While Condemning MoveOn....


U.S. military cemetery running out of space
Thu Sep 20, 2007 11:57am EDT

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas (Reuters) - A Kansas military cemetery has run out of space after the burial of another casualty of the Iraq war, officials said on Thursday.

"We are full," said Alison Kohler, spokeswoman for the Fort Riley U.S. Army post, home of the 1st Infantry Division.

U.S. Sens. Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts, both Kansas Republicans, on Thursday sent a letter to William Tuerk, the under secretary for memorial affairs at the Department of Veterans Affairs, urging for full funding for a new cemetery for Fort Riley.

"While a new cemetery would not be completed in time to alleviate this situation immediately, it is vitally important," Roberts and Brownback, a Republican presidential candidate, said in their letter.

"We truly owe our military members a debt of gratitude and the least we can do is provide them with an honorable burial ground," the senators wrote.

Since the 2003 beginning of the war in Iraq, Fort Riley has lost 133 soldiers and airmen, though not all are buried in the Fort Riley cemetery. Sgt Joel Murray, who died September 4 in Iraq, took the last available plot, said Kohler.

Fort Riley can bury bodies on top of other bodies if family members want to share a plot, said Kohler.

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There Are Too Many Wing Nuts In This Country

From Crooks; Liars:

New York Rep. Peter King, a prominent House Republican, said there are “too many mosques in this country” in a recent interview with Politico.

“There are too many people sympathetic to radical Islam,” King said. “We should be looking at them more carefully and finding out how we can infiltrate them.”

Doesn't he know that Tim McVeigh was one of his?

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Pork Chop Halliburton is Evil

Not that it was news to this group that Dick Cheney is an evil bastard, but the following is rather startling.

On second thought, I guess it's not startling aince we're talknig about Pork Chop here.

This really frosts my ass, tho.

Cheney and Mandela: Reconciling The Truth about Cheney's Vote

by Farai Chideya

We did not know then what we know now. We did not know that his statesmanship would be legendary, outstripped only by his forgiveness. We did not know he would be president, or that he could survive 27 years of imprisonment to walk free again. And in our nation, where athletes are superstars, we did not know that Americans would one day shower Nelson Mandela with ticker tape, like the Yankees fresh from winning the pennant.

When Rep. Dick Cheney voted against a 1986 resolution calling for the release of Nelson Mandela and recognition of the African National Congress, Americans did know this man had been waiting decades for his freedom. In a larger sense, so had all black South Africans. The tenets of American democracy -- one man, one vote -- were denied to the majority of citizens, along with the most basic economic and educational needs.

Yet Republican vice presidential candidate Cheney still defends his vote, saying on ABC's ``This Week'' that ``the ANC was then viewed as a terrorist organization. . . . I don't have any problems at all with the vote I cast 20 years ago.'' What, then, does this tell us about what information Cheney considers before he takes a decision? And what the long-term consequences are likely to be, and on whom?

By no means were Mandela or the ANC universally viewed as ``terrorists,'' evidenced by the fact that the vote on the resolution was 245-177 in favor, but still shy of the two-thirds needed to override President Ronald Reagan's veto.


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KKK is Alive and Well in Louisiana

Jena, Louisiana is a nice little racist town where the white highschool students got to sit under the school's only shadetree (known as "the white tree"), and the black students got to sit in the sun.

On August 31, 2006, a black freshman asked if he could sit in the shade, and was told he could sit where he wanted. So he and two other black students went to sit in the shade.

The next morning, three nooses were hanging from the tree. The principal found out the culprits and tried to expel them, but the school board overruled him and gave the students an in-school suspension.

On September 5, 2006, a group of black students responded to the school board's decision by holding a peaceful sit-in under the tree. The police were called in to disperse them.

On September 6, 2006, an impromptu assembly was called, and the county prosecutor came to address the students about the racial tensions. As befits a racist town, the seating was racially segregated. The prosecutor looked directly at the black students, and said "See this pen? I can end your lives with the stroke of a pen."

On September 10, 2006, a large group of black students tried to address the school board about this issue. The school board refused to let them speak.


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Checkbook Imperialism: The Blackwater Fiasco

Robert Scheer weighs in on the Blackwater fiasco. The most disturbing thing in this column is a quote by "Ambassador" Ryan Crocker to the US Senate last week:

“There is simply no way at all that the State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security could ever have enough full-time personnel to staff the security function in Iraq. There is no alternative except through contracts.”

What? The most powerful, richest government in the history of the world can't protect its diplomats and has to pay a fundemented ass that owns a merc company staffed with war criminals to do so?

We aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto...

The column:

Please, please, I tell myself, leave Orwell out of it. Find some other, fresher way to explain why “Operation Iraqi Freedom” is dependent upon killer mercenaries. Or why the “democratically elected government” of “liberated” Iraq does not explicitly have the legal power to expel Blackwater USA from its land or hold any of the 50,000 private contractor troops that the U.S. government has brought to Iraq accountable for their deadly actions.


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3 minutes with...

If you had 3 minutes alone with Willard "Mitt" Romney what would you ask him?

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The splurge and the coalition

Remember this?

"We thank the 36 nations who have troops on the ground in Iraq and the many others who are helping that young democracy." - George W. "Mission Accomplished" Bush

Take a look at this graph.

They just can't seem to help themselves.

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Have you heard about the ABC-Debat Scandal?

Unanswered and Unasked Questions

L’Affaire Debat is not a movie. Yet. Though the curious case of Alexis Debat – former longtime ABC News terrorism analyst, contributing journalist and prominent news source - could be someone’s first draft screenplay before all the questions surrounding the story are unraveled (if they ever are).

Before jumping into some of this scandal's many unanswered and unasked questions, here’s a brief recap of the back story...


I wonder if Debat is going to sue ABC for $70 mil?

I wonder if he'd win?

I don't wonder why the RW bloggers aren't crying about how corrupt ABC's coverage has been.

Here's the Mother Jones story.

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New Products. Same Bullsh...

This is great, not to mention a chance to give a few hits to a new website.

"Surge Inside" (1:25 from YouTube)

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What the hell happened?

It's been a big day. The GOP blocked restoration of "the great writ" and blocked passage of a bill to actually let the troops rest between deployments. (Holy Walter Reed, Batman we can't waste time and money on the troops!)

And the Democrats allowed them to do it, presumably because they just love to read that "the Democrats are accomplishing nothing" instead of "the GOP filibuster of basic human rights and reasonable treatment of our fighting men and women is in it's 5th day."

So, I think I'll post about the past.


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Minority Rules 44-56

The Will of the American People means nothing.

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Murderer To Reinvestigate Self

No, I'm not talking about OJ finding real killers and stuff either....

By MATTHEW LEE, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 15 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - The United States and Iraq will form a joint commission to look into allegations that private guards protecting American diplomats killed Iraqi civilians and to review the U.S. Embassy's security practices, the State Department said Wednesday.

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I Didn't Know Chris Matthews Wrote This

That goes for good columnists, too.

So I'll say it: I hate this war that's coming in Iraq. I don't think we'll be proud of it. Oppose this war because it will create a millennium of hatred and the suicidal terrorism that comes with it. You talk about Bush trying to avenge his father. What about the tens of millions of Arab sons who will want to finish a fight we start next spring in Baghdad?

Well, that's it for now. You know where I stand.

That's from the Timbuk3 Archived Web Site.

Real nice Timb.

Pleased to be associated with ye.

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Never Reach Across The Aisle


What doesn't appear to be in dispute is that Warner has announced he will not vote for the Webb Amendment, after originally supporting it. That is probably the most important takeaway from today's events, not whether Warner stabbed Webb in the back in the process of withdrawing his support for Webb's proposal.

Johsy can't believe his eyes again.

Republicans pull crap over and over and over again, and Democrats keep letting them stab them in the back.

Time to start smacking them, hard.

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Attorney General Mukasey and the Rule of Law

Read this column. Bush's nominee for Attorney General is not whom I would ever have expected George W. to nominate. Not even.

The column is rather long so I highlighted a couple of points of interest instead of posting it all here.

New York Senator Charles Schumer (D) suggested him for attorney general. Schumer told reporters, “While he is certainly conservative, Judge Mukasey seems to be the kind of nominee who would put rule of law first and show independence from the White House, our most important criteria.” Schumer is a major figure in both the Senate and national Democratic Party leadership. Ironically, Schumer is probably more responsible than any for the job opening as a result of his skilled interrogation of the former Attorney General.


Let’s look at Judge Mukasey he handled very big cases.

In 2002, Jose Padilla, a U.S. Citizen, was arrested as a material witness and eventually charged with terrorist activities. Judge Mukasey issued the order for the arrest and detention. Yet the White House objected to the man even having an attorney. They argued intensely that Padilla must be denied legal counsel since any attorney-client contact would result in the defendant leaking information to associates through his attorney.

Mukasey was a judge of the U. S.. District Court, Southern District of New York, a position that he held for nearly two decades. He ruled that Padilla had the right to counsel; the right to see and work with a lawyer. His 2002 ruling was clear:

Padilla's statutorily granted right to present facts to the court in connection with this petition will be destroyed utterly if he is not allowed to consult with counsel. On the facts presented in this case, the balance weighs heavily in Padilla's favor.


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A big lie

Restoring rights or hampering the war effort?

Senate heads for a do-over vote on enemy combatants

WASHINGTON - Re-opening an issue it decided just 12 months ago, the Senate is headed toward a vote Wednesday on whether prisoners at the Guantanamo Navy Base — designated “illegal enemy combatants” by the U.S. military — should have the right to go before a federal judge and seek their freedom.

Proponents of giving enemy combatants the right of habeas corpus to challenge their detention will need 60 votes to move their proposal to a final vote.

This lie has gained a great deal of traction in the media.

51 votes are needed for passage.

60 votes are needed to overcome a filibuster, 67 are needed to overcome a veto.

Any Senators who would be opposed to one of the most basic of all human rights, habeas corpus, should be required to stand up and explain why if they choose to filibuster. Make them read out of the damned phone book if they have nothing to say. America, and the world, should get a good long look at each and every one of these "people", and I use the term loosely, who would grant a single man the power to decide to hold a human being in detention, without charges, indefinitely.

That single man, if presented with this legislation, should be out in full view of Americans and the world if he has the audacity to proclaim by veto that he, or his office, should have the power to grab literally ANYONE off the streets, throw them in a dark hole, and take away their right to have an impartial (and well-qualified) judge decide whether their detention is reasonable. (And if you think you're safe because you're an "innocent American citizen" please explain to me how you would go about proving you're an American citizen, and not the "terrist" that the President has decided you are, if you can't present your evidence to anyone.)

This is too important. If basic human rights are suspended there is no country to defend, no war worth fighting. I don't want to hear "the 60 votes needed for passage". "60 votes needed for passage" is a lie.

60 votes are needed to overcome GOP objections to basic human rights.

Make the GOP explain why they hold humanity itself in contempt.

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3 minutes with...

If you had 3 minutes alone with Bark Obama what would you ask him?

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Oh And Taserings On the Rise

Give a jackboot a {let me change that to non-lethal} weapon, and he or she'll find an innocent American to use it on.

I'd rather be in danger than have jackboots tasering people all over the damn place.

And General Betray-us shows me I'm both under all these years of the Tyrannical bush Regime.

Liberty or Death.

The ONLY way.

Permalink09/18/07, 11:15:58 pm, by bastard_amber Email , 332 views, User Posts 5 feedbacks

Fundie Whackjob Update

They really do want to rule the world. By force, if necessary.

Military Sued Over Religious Freedom
By JOHN MILBURN – 2 hours ago

FORT RILEY, Kan. (AP) — A soldier whose superior prevented him from holding a meeting for atheists and other non-Christians is suing the Defense Department, claiming it violated his right to religious freedom. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Kan., alleges a pattern of practices that discriminate against non-Christians in the military. It was filed Monday to coincide with the 220th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. The lawsuit names Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Maj. Paul Welborne as defendants.

According to the filing, Spec. Jeremy Hall, a soldier assigned to Fort Riley's 97th Military Police Battalion, received permission to distribute fliers around his base in Iraq for a meeting of atheists and non-Christians. When he tried to convene the meeting, Hall claims, Welborne stepped in, threatening to file military charges against Hall and block his reenlistment.

(Since this won't be reported on Fox "only the news you want to hear" "News", here's a google search link.)

With Roberts and Alito joining Scalia and Thomeas on the SCOTUS...

I shouldn't even need to finish that. We can't afford another fundie nutbag pandering President.

But there's hope.


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What's All This Crazy Talk About bush Taking Americans' Guns?

Watch Jack Boots take guns from White American Citizens much like your own bushie self.

One gun taken for any reason is enough.

Nice voting finger there, perpetual Republican Hypocrites.

Now go vote for anybody endorsed by the NRA.

Who'd those idiots endorse in 2000 and 2004?

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General Betray-Us

General Betray-Us.

General Betray-Us.

General Betray-Us.

General Betray-Us.

General Betray-Us.

General Betray-Us.

General Betray-Us.

General Betray-Us.

And FICK EVERYBODY who doesn't like it, including Hillary-Endorser General Les Spark.

Permalink09/18/07, 06:22:38 pm, by bastard_amber Email , 191 views, User Posts 9 feedbacks

More Trouble in Republican Paradise

It's not going to work.

Real Americans will never ever hate their American Way of Life.

No matter how deeply you Republicans shove a broken broom handle into her tortured eaves-dropped ass.

Patriots will love America no matter what you sacks of shit do to her, and will never let you abolish her Government.

Take away her guns, and we'll rip down the fences with our bare hands....

State Department under Hill scrutiny

By LOLITA C. BALDOR, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 11 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - A congressional committee has launched an investigation into the State Department's inspector general, alleging that he blocked fraud investigations, including potential security lapses at the newly built U.S. embassy in Baghdad.

Also under scrutiny is whether Blackwater USA, the private security firm banned this week from working in Iraq for the alleged killing of eight Iraqi civilians, was "illegally smuggling weapons into Iraq," according to a letter to IG Howard J. Krongard that was obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press.

The investigation involves allegations that "your strong affinity with State Department leadership and your partisan political ties have led you to halt investigations, censor reports, and refuse to cooperate with law enforcement agencies," Krongard was told.

Based on allegations made by a number of current and former senior investigators who worked for Krongard, the letter from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee also questioned whether he adequately investigated illegal labor trafficking allegations involving the Kuwaiti company that was building the Baghdad embassy.


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Clinton Calls for Universal Health Care

Hill offers a "universal" health care plan. She's the third Democratic presidential candidate to do so, after John Edwards and Bill Richardson.

Some highlights from the Yahoo article at the link:

"This is not government-run," the party's front-runner said of her plan to extend coverage to an estimated 47 million Americans who now go without.

Mindful of the lessons of her failed [1993] attempt, Clinton said that under her new plan anyone who is content with their health coverage can keep what they have. She insisted no new government bureaucracy would be created even as it seeks to cover tens of millions uninsured.

"I know my Republican opponents will try to equate health care for all Americans with government-run health care," Clinton said. "Don't let them fool us again. This is not government-run."

The republic candidates weigh in on Hill's proposal:


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Iran: Cheney Deploys the Neocons

The New Yorker
August 31, 2007
Test Marketing

If there were a threat level on the possibility of war with Iran, it might have just gone up to orange. Barnett Rubin, the highly respected Afghanistan expert at New York University, has written an account of a conversation with a friend who has connections to someone at a neoconservative institution in Washington. Rubin can't confirm his friend's story; neither can I. But it's worth a heads-up:

They [the source's institution] have "instructions" (yes, that was the word used) from the Office of the Vice-President to roll out a campaign for war with Iran in the week after Labor Day; it will be coordinated with the American Enterprise Institute, the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, Commentary, Fox, and the usual suspects. It will be heavy sustained assault on the airwaves, designed to knock public sentiment into a position from which a war can be maintained. Evidently they don't think they'll ever get majority support for this--they want something like 35-40 percent support, which in their book is "plenty."

Terrorist Training Camps in Iran
Should they be safe havens?
by William Kristol
The Weekly Standard - 09/05/2007

National Review
September 5, 2007
Michael Ledeen on The Iranian Time Bomb -- An NRO Q&A

"Most not realize that, for nearly thirty years, the Iranians continuously attacked us, and, aside from some harsh rhetoric from time to time, we never responded." So writes NRO contributor and American Enterprise Institute scholar Michael Ledeen in his new book The Iranian Time Bomb. The book is an analysis of Iran's ongoing war with "the Great Satan" and a blueprint for finally fighting back. Ledeen took a few questions on the book and the current scene from National Review Online editor Kathryn Lopez over Labor Day weekend.


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Will Iraqi Oil Fund Bush's Presidential Library?

Dallas oil company signs deal with Kurds

By JOHN PORRETTO, AP Business Writer
Sat Sep 8, 4:26 PM ET

HOUSTON - Texas' Hunt Oil Co. and Kurdistan's regional government said Saturday they've signed a production-sharing contract for petroleum exploration in northern Iraq, the first such deal since the Kurds passed their own oil and gas law in August.

A Hunt subsidiary, Hunt Oil Co. of the Kurdistan Region, will begin geological survey and seismic work by the end of 2007 and hopes to drill an exploration well in 2008, the parties said in a news release. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Hunt is a privately held independent oil company based in Dallas. A third partner, Impulse Energy Corp., also has a stake in the project.

"We're very pleased to have the opportunity to be a part of these landmark events by actively participating in the establishment of the petroleum industry," Ray L. Hunt, Hunt's CEO, said in a statement.


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3 minutes with...

If you had 3 minutes alone with Rudy Ghouliani what would you ask her him?

Permalink09/18/07, 04:30:00 am, by Timbuk3 Email , 136 views, User Posts 6 feedbacks

Another "Family Values" Republican

DETROIT -- A U.S. Justice Department official has been arrested on suspicion of traveling to Detroit over the weekend to have sex with a minor. John David R. Atchison, 53, an assistant U.S. attorney from the northern district of Florida, was arraigned in U.S. District Court in Detroit Monday afternoon. An undercover officer posed as a mother offering her child to Atchison for sex, according to police.

It gets worse.

The undercover detective expressed concern about physical injury to the 5-year-old girl as a result of the sexual activity. Detectives said Atchison responded, " I am always gentle and loving; not to worry, no damage ever, no rough stuff ever. I only like it soft and nice."

The undercover detective asked how Atchison can be certain of no injury. He responded, "Just gotta go slow and very easy. I've done it plenty," according to detectives.

I feel sick just posting this.

Do all Republicans project?

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OJ and Britney

OK, somebody help me out here. I had the "news" on for a while tonight. Turns out that OJ's in jail and Britney Spears' agency has dropped her. Dan Abrams has an hour devoted to the OJ story. Britney's former body guard, who was fired because he didn't grab her hat for her when it blew off, was prepared to testify that she (*gasp*) did drugs in front of her kids. (Side question. Is this the first time this has ever happened in America?)

That's about all that happened, today. Unless you get your news from the internet. Then you find a couple more stories.


Permalink09/17/07, 09:52:20 pm, by Timbuk3 Email , 479 views, User Posts 1 feedback

Cheney joins the Petraeus defense team

Well, well, well. Looks as if Pork Chop Halliburton, the man with five Vietnam deferments, the man who had other priorities than serving his country in southeast Asia, has come down hard on MoveOn and anyone that doesn't scream at the top of their lungs denouncing them.

I notice that Chickenshit Cheney, the quintessential Dick with Ears, is real long on tough guy rhetoric and real short on putting his money where his mouth is. But, y'all all know that.

I've always found it fairly ironic that ol' Dick talks meaner than a rattlesnake, but has to have his pacemaker batts changed out every couple of years and can't go out without a bunch of docs escorting his sorry ass.

That being the case, you'll love Pork Chop's teef-gnashing:

You know all the outrage Republicans have voiced about that newspaper ad that called Gen. David Petraeus "General Betray-us?''

Vice President Dick Cheney doesn't want you to forget it.

Cheney, who had softened his words for war critics last week on a tour of Michigan and Florida touting the president's new war strategy -- the one based on Petraeus' recommendation for a rollback of the "surge'' forces by next summer, -- returned to some tough talk today.

Not ony for those who have refused to disavow's rhetoric, but also for those who now "turn their backs on a war they voted for and supported when it was popular.'' That would appear to be a one-two-punch for Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, who told the general it would take "a willing suspension of disbelief'' to accept his reading of the success of the surge and who, like many other senators, first voted for the war and now proposes to end it.


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Enough to Make a Grown Man Cry


Warning, Extremely Horrible American Actions Within....

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Iraqis find way to reduce US "troop" presence

The other day I asked (here and on Kos) if anyone knew what Bush's plans were for his personal fundie mercenary army in Iraq, Blackwater. Needless to say, the presence of Blackwater hurts troop morale (they're overpaid relative to our soldiers), has devastated our chances to be seen as "liberators" (they're far more prone to violence towards civilians than our own soldiers), and has led to some of the worst crimes of the war (for example, the guys hung from the bridge in Fallujah were Blackwater employees, but the collective punishment...a war crime...of that city was directed by the WH.)

Well, if congress won't defund Blackwater, then the Iraqis just might succeed in kicking them out.


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3 minutes with...

If you had 3 minutes alone with Hillary Clinton what would you ask her?

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Bush AG nominee

Bill Kristol claims to know that Bush's nominee to replace Abu Gonazales will be Michael Mukasey.

I'm not well-versed enough in this guy to have a strong opinion, yet, but from what I've read (and it hasn't been much) it seems like the Democrats should let Bush have this guy as AG.


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The positive-sum outcome of Greenspan's book.

Greenspan: Iraq was all about the oil
By: Nicole Belle @ 1:02 PM - PDT

Look at all the water carriers starting to fall by the wayside…

greenspan.jpg WaPo:

By the end of last year, Greenspan writes with some bitterness, Washington was “harboring a dysfunctional government. . . . Governance has become dangerously dysfunctional.”

However, he calls Clinton a “risk taker” who had shown a “preference for dealing in facts,” and presents Clinton and himself almost as soul mates. “Here was a fellow information hound. . . . We both read books and were curious and thoughtful about the world. . . . I never ceased to be surprised by his fascination with economic detail: the effect of Canadian lumber on housing prices and inflation. . . . He had an eye for the big picture too.”[..]

Known for his restrained if not incomprehensible public statements over the past several decades, Greenspan’s direct criticism of Bush and his economic policies comes as the economy is emerging as an issue in the 2008 presidential race. And the man Greenspan praises so highly for fiscal probity is married to the current front-runner for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.[..]

“The Age of Turbulence” is likely to be mined word by word on Wall Street, where the Masters of the Universe will seek clues to how to make billions. Greenspan dives deep into his economic data, his experiences, his philosophy and meetings with world political and economic leaders.[..]

Without elaborating, he writes, “I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil.”


So Alan Greenspan has a new book coming out on Monday. And it says nasty things about the Bush administration. Welcome to the club Alan - the club of Bush enablers who write books once they aren’t in power, in a pathetic attempt to pretend they weren’t culpable in Bush’s mess. But back when it mattered, back when you were in charge of the Fed, when you were lionized as the Maestro… oh, back then, when you could have actually, I don’t know, oh, done something concrete to oppose Bush’s policies, did you? No, no you didn’t.

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News I bet you didn't know, straight from the MSM

My old pal P. M. Carpenter has a good rant on the Washington Post and its tendency to report unvarnished bullshit when it comes to the Iraq War:

Post reporters Peter Baker and Jonathan Weisman, and presumably their editors, then had this to say:

"So any further changes in war policy before Jan. 20, 2009, seem likely to be up to Bush, who has signaled that he is starting to shift."

What, on the toilet? Farther to the right and deeper in the muck?


The full column:

News I bet you didn't know, straight from the MSM
Maybe it was their paranoid urge to fairly balance liberal reality with right-wing talking points. Maybe it was their chummy proximity to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Or perhaps it was something in the water, or, perhaps, it was just plain, poor journalistic judgment.


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Bush mass for shut ins 09-16-07

Bush mass for shut ins is on the air!


Good morning Bush worshippers, those who are ill and those who it's just best not to mix with society. May Lord God Bush bless you all for coming. For it is he who brought us life and everything else. He is a thousand points of light! He makes the sun rise in the morning, puts the frost on our flakes and puts the fruit on the trees. All praise the glory of Lord God Bush. Today we celebrate War.


War is a good holy thing. It cleanses Lord God Bushs planet from evil doers and beings that make you go ewww. We should all be happy about the war and back Lord God Bushs efforts 123%.


He blesses the boys as they stand in line
The smell of gun grease and the bayonets they shine
He's there to help himself all that he can
To make them feel wanted he's a good holy man
Sky pilot How much can you lie
You'll never, never, never reach the sky
He smiles at the young soldiers Tells them its all right
He knows of their fear in the forthcoming fight
Soon there'll be blood and many will die
Mothers and fathers back home they will cry
Sky pilot How much can you lie
You'll never, never, never reach the sky
He mumbles a prayer and it ends with a smile
The order is given They move down the line
But he's still behind and he'll meditate
But it won't stop the bleeding or ease the hate
As the young men move out into the battle zone
They'll feel good, with God you're never alone
He feels tired and he lays on his bed
Hopes the men will find courage in the words that he said
Sky Pilot How much can you lie
You'll never, never, never reach the sky
You're soldiers of God you must understand
The fate of your country is in your young hands
May God give you strength Do your job real well
If it all was worth it Only time it will tell
In the morning they return With tears in their eyes
The stench of death drifts up to the skies
A soldier so ill looks at the sky pilot
Remembers the words "Thou shalt not kill"
Sky pilot How much can you lie
You never, never, never reach the sky


And George the Blessed looked down upon the people and spoke `Blessed are those who serve me in the holy oil crusade. They shall earn a special place in heaven.`

What is it that the Profit Rumsfeld is trying to teach us? It is that we all must say positive things about the holy oil crusade or we hate America. This is the word of George.

Bush mass is over

Your attendance has been recorded and will be sent to the proper authorities. Go in arrogance, may the Lord God George W Bush be with you.

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Fred Thompson, gun grabber

Turns out old and lazy Fred's a gun grabber.

Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson walked through rows of assault rifles, pistols and other firearms, signing autographs and greeting people at a gun show Saturday.

Despite his pitch for support, some of the gun advocates were not convinced that the former Tennessee senator was completely on their side.

"I was all for him until I started reading the votes," said gun dealer Ken Strevels, standing at a table lined with machine guns, including an enormous .50 caliber rifle held up by a tripod. "I'm not sure now. He's flipping on the vote. It's like he's working both sides."

A Gun Owners of America report said Thompson voted "anti-gun" 14 times on 33 votes the group tracked during his eight years in the Senate, ending in 2003.

But hey, the fundies seem to like him so that's all that matters, right?

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Troops Go On Bonus System

"The more successful we are, the more troops can return home," said Bush.

If they want to come home, they will make a success for bush.

And if they don't want to come home, they won't.

And that's how it's going to be.

The Lie War will prevail if the Troops want it to badly enough.

Otherwise, they may be killed or brain-damaged or cut apart.

It's all up to the Grunts.

How zealously they will kill innocent people now?

Let bush sit back and watch and wait until his term expires and he gets to go rake in the Do-Re-Mi on the lecture circuit while swimming like Scrooge McDuck in all his Hunt Oil bloody money!

It's a hard, hard, hard, hard job, isn't it Mr. Monkey Ears?

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Genocider Decider

VIOLENT DEATHS IN IRAQ....A British polling company recently surveyed 1,461 adults in Iraq and asked each one, "How many members of your household, if any, have died as a result of the conflict in Iraq since 2003?" Based on the results, they say that 1.2 million Iraqis have died violent deaths in the past four years.
—Kevin Drum

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Only The King Can Define The Terrorist

The Brainless Decider King....

Bush officials said a disagreement in the administration had delayed a decision over whether to declare Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, or a unit of it, a terrorist organization and subject to increased financial sanctions.

While White House officials and members of the vice president’s staff have been pushing to blacklist the entire Revolutionary Guard, the officials said, officials at the State and Treasury Departments are pushing for a narrower approach that would list only the Revolutionary Guard’s elite Quds Force as well as companies and organizations with financial ties to that group. The designation would set into motion a series of automatic sanctions that would make it easier for the United States to block financial accounts and other assets controlled by the group.

Administration officials had signaled last month that a measure aimed at the Revolutionary Guard would be announced soon, but with the two camps now at odds in the administration, the designation no longer seems assured.

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Iraq, Deep in Your Bones

In this column, Mark Morford describes the Iraq war and the effects of said war about as well as I've read anywhere.

We are, of course, mostly fighting against ourselves.

It must be repeated every so often, just as a painful, necessary, ego-tweaking reminder: Iraq was never a war. Not really, not in any sense that mattered or that we could actually define and understand or to which we could truly submit ourselves or our national identity.

It never mattered how many little American flags appeared on how many bloated Chevy Avalanches, how many right-wing radio shows found a new reason to pule, how many furiously blindered uber-patriots happily ignored all the harsh words from all those naysaying generals or even all the "turncoat" anti-war Republicans and insisted we're really over there to fight some sort of great Islamic demon no one can actually see or locate or define but that we must, somehow, attempt to destroy -- even though doing so only seems to make the situation far, far worse.


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Cheney pushes Bush to act on Iran

* Military solution back in favour as Rice loses out
* President 'not prepared to leave conflict unresolved'

Ewen MacAskill in Washington and Julian Borger
Monday July 16, 2007
The Guardian

The balance in the internal White House debate over Iran has shifted back in favour of military action before President George Bush leaves office in 18 months, the Guardian has learned.

The shift follows an internal review involving the White House, the Pentagon and the state department over the last month. Although the Bush administration is in deep trouble over Iraq, it remains focused on Iran. A well-placed source in Washington said: "Bush is not going to leave office with Iran still in limbo.",,2127115,00.html


Pentagon 'three-day blitz' plan for Iran

From The Sunday Times
September 2, 2007
Sarah Baxter, Washington

THE Pentagon has drawn up plans for massive airstrikes against 1,200 targets in Iran, designed to annihilate the Iranians' military capability in three days, according to a national security expert.

Alexis Debat, director of terrorism and national security at the Nixon Center, said last week that US military planners were not preparing for "pinprick strikes" against Iran's nuclear facilities. "They're about taking out the entire Iranian military," he said.

Debat was speaking at a meeting organised by The National Interest, a conservative foreign policy journal. He told The Sunday Times that the US military had concluded: "Whether you go for pinprick strikes or all-out military action, the reaction from the Iranians will be the same." It was, he added, a "very legitimate strategic calculus".

President George Bush intensified the rhetoric against Iran last week, accusing Tehran of putting the Middle East "under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust". He warned that the US and its allies would confront Iran "before it is too late".

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The Journalists Always Shoot Republicans with Halos

The Journalists Always Shoot the Republicans with Halos

BTW, I just posted this photo without any title, FWIW.

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Loyal bushie Businessmen Rape American Taxpayer

What's left to say that's positive for The Republican Party?


"They ain't what they intended to be?"

Is that it???

"They had weak character and were susceptible to extreme hypocrisy?"

By MARTHA MENDOZA, AP National Writer 1 hour, 41 minutes ago

Ten years after Congress ordered federal agencies to have outside auditors review their books, neither the Defense Department nor the newer Department of Homeland Security has met even basic accounting requirements, leaving them vulnerable to waste, fraud and abuse.

An Associated Press review shows that the two departments' financial records are so disorganized and inconsistent that they have repeatedly earned "disclaimer" opinions, meaning that they simply cannot be fully audited.

"It means we really can't put any faith in the numbers they use," said Ross Rubenstein, who teaches public administration at Syracuse University's Maxwell School.

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OK, now this is confusing...

...or maybe it isn't. (I guess it depends on whether or not you believe anyone on the right has any "principles", or if they're all just a bunch of immoral "us against them" bastards. Personally, I'm going with the latter, so this isn't so confusing, but if you think folks like Bush and his supporters ARE "principled"...well, then, this should confuse the hell out of you.)

So, aren't Bush and his strongest supporters just absolutely convinced that "evolution is a secularist plot to drive religion out of the schools"?

Then what's with this?

Mission … Evolving

President Bush capped off his administration’s weeklong campaign to convince America that the “surge” is working with a televised address on Thursday. Nestled among assorted pseudo-announcements and stale slogans was a telling pitch from a president who has repeatedly revised his motive for war: “Our mission in Iraq will evolve.”


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President bush is a Liar

BUSH: Today most of Baghdad’s neighborhoods are being patrolled by coalition and Iraqi forces who live among the people they protect. Many schools and markets are reopening. Citizens are coming forward with vital intelligence. Sectarian killings are down and ordinary life is beginning to return.

COOPER: What he didn’t mention is that there are four million Iraqis not in their homes…neighborhoods here in Baghdad have been ethnically cleansed.

WARE: Absolutely and if by the….if the President means by ordinary lives families essentially living locked up in their homes in almost perpetual darkness, without refrigeration or perhaps constantly struggling for ever more expensive gas to run generators, if he means waiting in their homes wondering if government death squads will drag them off and torture them and execute them, if he means living in sectarian cleansed neighborhoods where people who were your friends have had to flea, if he’s talking about living in communities that are protected by militias, then yeah, life’s returned to ordinary.

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Conservative Explains Why Conservatives Hate Environmenalism

Good grief.

Get a load if this inanity:

Thursday, September 13, 2007

AS I SUSPECTED. At RedState, Leon H. Wolf explains the conservative distaste for environmentalism:

...there are two things about the environmental movement that cause a lot of conservatives to despise the movement itself, and often, as an extension, the causes for which it stands. The first is that a lot of the more extreme environmentalists seem to hate human beings. The second is that even their more moderate cousins seem to hate America. And if there are two things that American conservatives believe strongly, it's that human beings have value, and that America is a great country.

The McGuffin for this fascinating admission is a review of the book The World Without Us, which Wolf seems to mistake for a Sierra Club brochure.

Next week, Wolf will explain that he doesn't go to doctors because they hate humanity, as demonstrated by the case of Josef Mengele.

Leon's little paragraph contains some of the most sophomoric drivel I've heard since Little Boots speechified last night.

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Is That William Rodriguez on CSPAN?


Being introduced by Ed Asner?


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Morons Want to Pave Alaska

NONDALTON, Alaska -- Fly overhead in a bush plane -- there are no roads between native villages -- and see eight giant rivers braiding across hundreds of miles of wetlands, carving ribbons through snow-coned mountains before emptying into Bristol Bay.

For more than 100 years, the wealth of this southwest Alaska watershed has sprung from the salmon nurtured by those wild rivers. Bank-to-bank, gill-to-gill, tens of millions of the silvery fish thrash upstream to spawn each year, unrestrained by dams, untainted by pollution.

It is the largest sockeye run in the world, accounting for more than one-quarter of wild salmon harvested in the United States, feeding millions at a time fisheries are dwindling around the world.

But if fish have made the region's past and present fortune, the future sparkles with the promise of precious metal. Beneath the rolling tundra, straddling the headwaters of two of the watershed's most productive rivers, a Canadian company has discovered North America's biggest deposits of gold and copper, worth about $300 billion in today's soaring commodities markets.

The question is whether Alaskans will have to choose between the two -- and whether the watershed, its fish and a variety of other wildlife will be casualties of what could be one of the world's biggest mines. The project would entail five earthen dams, of which two would be bigger than China's Three Gorges Dam.


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Bush's speech

(And Trent Loot, and Sean Vanity, and Limbaugh, and most GOP Senators, and...)

(If this is confusing to you, watch this, too.)

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62 Democratic Senators

Amid all the depressingly negative info as of late, a lot of which correctly focuses on the spineless Dems inability or unwillingness to confront the Assministration on the Iraq War, warrantless wiretaps, and the like, Brent Budowsky has a good column on the possible outcomes of the 2008 and 2010 elections.

The resounding Democratic victory in the 2006 Senate campaign creates a historic anomaly in which the Senate Democratic Caucus could increase to more than 60 senators, with historic implications for American politics and all three branches of government.

The media are simply focusing on the 22 Senate Republican seats at stake in 2008. But the Republican senators considering whether to retire, and the smart K Street money, are homed in on the 2010 elections as well, where another 19 Republican Senate seats are at stake.


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To Be Pinned To Iran....

Iraq Bomb Kills U.S.-Backed Sheik Who Fought Al-Qaeda

So they can blast to bits innocent children in THAT country.

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This White House Always Lies

And anybody who believes them is a stupid, stupid jackass.

During the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing on September 10, 2007, I discussed the critical importance to our national security of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), and the recent amendments to FISA made by the Protect America Act. The Protect America Act was urgently needed by our intelligence professionals to close critical gaps in our capabilities and permit them to more readily follow terrorist threats, such as the plot uncovered in Germany. However, information contributing to the recent arrests was not collected under authorities provided by the Protect America Act.

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The Opposite Of What The United States Spreads Worldwide....

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Admire Balls...

CentCom Chief Fallon: Petraeus Is ‘An Ass-Kissing, Little Chickensh*t,’ ‘I Hate People Like That’

fallon1231.gifDuring the Iraq war, the Central Command (CENTCOM) head — who leads U.S. operations in the entire Middle East region — and the Multinational Force Commander (MNF) have regularly testified together about the course of the war in Iraq.

Former-MNF Commander Gen. George Casey and his CENTCOM Commander Gen. John Abizaid constantly briefed Congress about the situation in Iraq and its regional effects. In at least four public hearings after Casey took office in 2004, the pair testified together:

Senate Armed Services [6/23/05]

House Armed Services [6/23/05]

House Armed Services [9/29/05]

Senate Armed Services [9/29/05]

In January, President Bush replaced Abizaid and Casey, who were “surge” skeptics, with Adm. William Fallon and Gen. David Petraeus. This week, Petraeus — in the first public hearings since taking on his new role — delivered his Iraq assessment to great media fanfare. But where was his boss, Admiral Fallon? Inter-Press Service suggests animosity between the two might be one reason for Fallon’s absence:

Fallon told Petraeus [in March] that he considered him to be “an ass-kissing little chickensh*t” and added, “I hate people like that”, the sources say. That remark reportedly came after Petraeus began the meeting by making remarks that Fallon interpreted as trying to ingratiate himself with a superior.

The Washington Post reported this weekend that there is an internal military debate, described as “Armageddon,” brewing between Petraeus and Fallon because the two men have “profoundly different views of the U.S. role in Iraq.”

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) announced today that he will be asking Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) to call Fallon to testify on “his views on the region.” Webb decried the lack of independence in Petraeus’s reporting, observing that there are “a lot of control factors going on that haven’t been visible” from the one-sided testimony of Petraeus:

WEBB: [T]here’s something of a kabuki going on right now. You know, the Petraeus report was brought in. On the one hand they’re calling it independent; on the other, General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker, from my understanding, gave a one-hour exclusive interview to Fox News after their first day of testimony. […]

So it was a very narrow and focused two days of hearings…we need to hear from people like Admiral Fallon and others to get a sense of how the region is in play. … He was, by many accounts, questioning keeping these troop levels this high. […]

So I’m going to be recommending to Senator Levin that we get Admiral Fallon in and get his views on the region.

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Wildlife alert

Dear ___________,

As news becomes ever more grim for polar bears, we finally have a chance to permanently safeguard the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- one of the most important habitats they have left.

Write your elected officials today and urge them to support the Udall-Eisenhower Arctic Wilderness Act (H.R. 39), a bill that would permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


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Misshun Akkomplissed

The much-anticipated Petraeus Bush Petraeus Cheney Petraeus/Crocker (ghost-written by the WH) report can't be spun enough to change anyone's mind.

WASHINGTON — They sat behind burgundy-covered witness tables for more than 16 hours of testimony and answered hundreds of questions about the Iraq war, some of them pointed, some of them softballs. But there was one question that Army Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq, and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad, couldn't, or wouldn't, answer. It was the question that Petraeus himself posed rhetorically back in 2003 when he led the Army's 101st Airborne Division into Iraq: "Tell me how this ends."


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The Authoritarians

Read this.

Bob Altemeyer's - The Authoritarians

Comments follow the jump. Click on "=> Read more!"


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Armed Services Committe Hearing

I'm ashamed of America again.

Hearing these elites talking about the local issues of a sovereign people is far too intimate.

Hearing Crocker say "Abu Ghraib" makes me think of stripped and humiliated people.

Just like the Iraq people.

Put on their knees by America.

It's sickening.

I'm ashamed of America.

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Bin Laden's Beard Baffles Chief US Spy

In the strange but true department, Osama's beard has really thrown some of the republics for a loop.

Osama bin Laden's beard seen in a new video tape featuring the Al-Qaeda supremo has baffled the top US spy.

Questions over the elusive Saudi extremist's beard cropped up at a Congressional hearing Monday featuring top US security experts, including Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell.

"First, is this his beard?" Republican Senator Norm Coleman asked the spy chief. "Do we expect that -- is it a signal?"

Norm Coleman shows off his Le Sueur pea-sized brain with the above probing question.

Get a load of McConnell's response:

McConnell swiftly rejected any possibility that the hair in his chin was intended to send any signal to his Al-Qaeda members.

"So far, we do not think there's been a signal. He's done this periodically, as has (Ayman al-) Zawahiri (the group's second-in-command), and there has not been a correlation necessarily between one of these tapes or a public statement and a particular event," McConnell said.

But he wondered whether Bin Laden's beard was genuine.

"The big question in the community this morning, 'Is that beard real,' because as you know, just a few years ago, the last time he appeared, it was very different," he said.

"So we don't know if it's dyed and trimmed or real, but that's one of the things we're looking at. But no specific message."

bin Laden was able to bring down two big buildings in New York City and attack the headquarters of the United States military in the nation's capital city and the idiots in the government think the guy is sending codes with the color of his beard?

I really think that Osama's just trying to get chicks. I bet he got the idea at the following web site:

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The top 10 big stories the US news media missed in the past year

There are a handful of freedoms that have almost always been a part of American democracy. Even when they didn't exactly apply to everyone or weren't always protected by the people in charge, a few simple but significant rights have been patently clear in the Constitution: You can't be nabbed by the cops and tossed behind bars without a reason. If you are imprisoned, you can't be incarcerated indefinitely; you have the right to a speedy trial with a judge and jury. When that court date rolls around, you'll be able to see the evidence against you.

The president can't suspend elections, spy without warrants, or dispatch federal troops to trump local cops or quell protests. Nor can the commander in chief commence a witch hunt, deem individuals "enemy combatants," or shunt them into special tribunals outside the purview of our 218-year-old judicial system.

Until now. This year's Project Censored presents a chilling portrait of a newly empowered executive branch signing away civil liberties for the sake of an endless and amorphous war on terror. And for the most part, the major news media weren't paying attention.

The Military Commissions Act, passed in September 2006 as a last gasp of the Republican-controlled Congress and signed into law by Bush that Oct. 17, made significant changes to the nation's judicial system.
The Military Commissions Act was part of a one-two punch to civil liberties.
President Jimmy Carter was the first to draw a clear line between America's foreign policy and its concurrent "vital interest" in oil.
As disappointing as the World Trade Organization has been, it has provided something of an open forum in which smaller countries can work together to demand concessions from larger, developed nations when brokering multilateral agreements. At least in theory.
Part of the permanent infrastructure the United States is erecting in Iraq includes the world's largest embassy, built on Green Zone acreage equal to that of Vatican City.
Operation FALCON, or Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally, is, in many ways, the manifestation of martial law forewarned by Frank Morales (see story 2).
The outsourcing of war has served two purposes for the Bush administration...
A March 2006 pact under which the United States agreed to supply nuclear fuel to India for the production of electric power also included a less-publicized corollary — the Knowledge Initiative on Agriculture.
In 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower ushered through legislation for the greatest public works project in human history — the interstate highway system, 41,000 miles of roads funded almost entirely by the federal government. Fifty years later many of those roads are in need of repair or replacement...
Named for a bird that picks offal from a carcass, this financial scheme couldn't be more aptly described. Well-endowed companies swoop in and purchase the debt owed by a third world country, then turn around and sue the country for the full amount — plus interest.

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I kinda like this column by a bushie....

But I still haven't read his apology any where.

Matthew Dowd
War in Iraq: Wisdom of Crowds

Posted September 9, 2007 | 07:16 PM (EST)

As we approach the September reports on Iraq, the public debate over our military presence there has once again intensified. Both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue are ratcheting up the rhetoric about the best course of action, with the president using a pit stop in Iraq as a backdrop for his latest remarks. Meanwhile, Republicans and Democrats on the Hill are engaged in heated discussions -- both within and between their caucuses. Adding to the heat, several third party groups have begun advertising efforts to try and push elected officials one way or the other.

As the Beltway ramps up the debate, I believe it is a good and appropriate time to reflect on the opinions of the people those in our nation's capital serve -- the American public -- and specifically what they believe is the right direction in Iraq. I write this because I am a big believer in the "wisdom of crowds," which is to say that I put just more trust in the collective opinion of 300 million decent, honest and caring Americans than in the elites living in Washington, DC.

This is not to say politics and polls should determine substantive public policy especially regarding a war, but politics and polls should also not be used to thwart the will of the citizens of this country.

Having been a rather keen observer of the American public for more than 20 years and having helped elect and re-elect folks from the State House to the White House I wanted to share with you an analysis of where the public currently stands on the war in Iraq. I share these thoughts as neither a Republican nor a Democrat. While I did serve as Chief Strategist for President Bush in the 2004 campaign, I now consider myself an independent and feel it is a good time to offer what I hope you will find is a measured, reflective and objective analysis of where Democrats and Independents and a large portion of Republican voters stand on the Iraq war today.

1. In the public's mind, the Iraq War was a mistake, and continuing the status quo is simply continuing on with a mistake. As a result, most Americans now view the situation in Iraq as a "rearview" mirror issue -- meaning that the public believes it is time to focus on the process of ending our involvement and getting out quickly. They see American troops as targets in a place we aren't wanted, and they desire a plan which achieves responsible withdrawal in the quickest and safest way.

2. The public does not see withdrawal from Iraq as a signal America doesn't support the troops. In fact, the public sees removing the troops from harm's way and having them in a place where the mission is supported, welcomed and understood as the most proper way to support our troops.

3. The public is waiting for leaders from both political parties to stand up to the president and say enough is enough. They would like this situation resolved -- and soon -- and there is no other solution acceptable to them other than bringing the troops home. The public will support leaders who would use funding decisions as a way to encourage and push the president to resolve this situation quickly.

4. The war in Iraq is now seen exclusively as a foreign policy concern, and the American public no longer supports the initiative as part of national security. This is in stark contrast to the war's beginning -- at inception, the public perceived it as directly related to fighting terrorism, and thus it was seen as a domestic policy issue connected to homeland security. Not surprisingly, the public gave it broad support. Today, this is no longer the case -- the dynamic has changed and most of the public sees no "positive" relationship between the fight against terrorism and the war in Iraq.

I hope this analysis helps bolster the leaders who are ready to stand up for the troops and for the vast majority of Americans in this country. Not only is truth on those leaders' side, but politics is as well. It is my opinion that the best leaders are those who trust the will of the public, even if that means changing direction or admitting a mistake. This is true leadership and the kind of leadership our nation has always desired.

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See no evil

...after spending the day telling Congress that President Bush’s Iraq escalation should continue, Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker will take their PR campaign to a more comfortable setting: Fox News.

On Fox News Sunday this morning, host Chris Wallace announced the interview:

WALLACE: Now a special program note. Tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern on the Fox News Channel, Brit will have an exclusive interview with General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker about the state of the Iraq war and their testimony to Congress.

Think Progress

Earlier on The Smoking Gun:

Dick Cheney's Suite Demands - March 23, 2006

After posting the performance contracts of artists like Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, and U2, The Smoking Gun has finally obtained the backstage demands of a real rock star. That's right, below you'll find a copy of Vice President Dick Cheney's standard "tour" rider. The document is provided to hotels where Cheney will be bunking and lists how the Republican pol's "Downtime Suite" needs to be outfitted. While the vice president's requests are pretty modest (no extract-the-brown-M&M demands here), Cheney does like his suite at a comfy 68 degrees. And, of course, all the televisions need to be preset to the Fox News Channel...

If all "Fox News viewers" = "uninformed sycophants who hear what they want to hear", is it any wonder Chest-blaster Cheney thinks that "the insurgency is in it's last throes"?

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Card Rambles All Over The Place

HANNITY: You know something, Andy? One thing that really struck me in the tape — you know, we've had to battle fascism, and Nazism, and communism, and totalitarianism, and I view this as modern-day Nazism. And he really reveals the twisted ideology that he supports there. Did that strike you, as well?

CARD: Well, that's what we've seen from Usama bin Laden before. He rambles all over the place. He's got a warped sense of responsibility for the people that he claims to love and lead. He wants to send young men and women — innocents — into situations where they're going to die. He's a sworn enemy of this country. He's a sworn enemy of democracy.

I thought it was interesting that, in this tape, he also goes after democracy. He basically says people don't have the ability to govern themselves.

HANNITY: Well, let me ask you about that. One of the things that also struck me is he — is the language specifically that he used. He seemed to adopt the very same language that is being used by the hard left in this country, as he describes what's going on in Iraq as a civil war. He actually used the term "neo-cons." He talks about global warming. He demonizes capitalism and corporations in this whole thing.

Just to mouth "NeoCon" or "Global Warming" makes one "Hard Left." hee hee hee Or not....

I mean, very, very specific language. It seems to be coming from somebody who is keenly aware of the world situation and the battle and the conflict in America over this war, and even admonishing the Democratic Party for not ending the war.

OMG, isn't bin Laden AMAZING?

CARD: Well, I believe that, first of all, his organization is a good organization.

Of course it is, why without bin Laden, we never would have been able to invade Iraq.

Oh, it's a GOOD ORGANIAZATION, isn't it?

Did you quiver with delight while whispering into Mr. Monkey's Ear, "America Is Under Attack?"

They are very able. And he has lost the ability to have real command and control over the War on Terror, but he is the one championing the War on Terror.

Is that a blue gill dropped on the dirt on the bank of the lake?

He is calling people to arms, to fight the United States, to fight the interests that are common in the United States, and that we look to bring to the rest of the world. We're helping the world get more democracy. And he really is — he's a desperate man, and he is a dangerous man. And the president was right to say he's dangerous.


CARD: Well, the United States government does think about Bin Laden, but we are also interested in winning the War on Terror. So we're not disproportionately focused on Usama bin Laden, one person.

Yes, he has been the rallying call for all of the bad things that have happened. And he was the mastermind, not necessarily of the deeds that took place on September 11th, but he gave permission to those people to plan the attack and to carry it out. And he praised those people who did carry it out in a very sick way.

But, no, we have to get Usama bin Laden. But it's even more important for us to win the war on terror. And the battles in Iraq are part of the war on terror.

He's a very extremely dangerous madman whom we don't care about, but we must get him, but Iraq is more important.

When you've worked for bush, it doesn't matter how stupid you come off looking.

Because if you've worked for bush, you can never be wrong.

CARD: Well, first of all, I think it's outrageous that he is putting a tape out in the anniversary of September 11th. Secondly, he's taunting America again, and he's calling for us to take action that is obscene. And I can't believe that there are people in Congress that will actually follow the direction of a sworn enemy of this country rather than take the direction of the person sworn to defend the country, the president of the United States.

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From "the other side"

(Laos used to be called "the other side", or "across the river", back in '75, when I was in Thailand.)
Well, first, I'm not working as many hours as I reported last week, since the college I'm working for informed me that I can't work for competing colleges. Though other professors work for competing colleges, I'm informed that I can't. I suspect that it's because the college I work for has used me in their radio ads, saying, "Come learn English from Professor Loy."
And here I was dreaming of big bucks. ;>)
But, I can see the good side of not having to go to work tomorrow morning at 8:00, but don't have to be there until 3:00.
But what got me tonight was when the father of some of my students told me of a Lao-American who came here to get remarried to an old girlfriend, was stopped at the US international airport on his way over here, handcuffed, interrogated, and held for 4 hours, because "they thought he looked suspicious."
I asked this guy, "Has that person ever been convicted of breaking the law in the US?"
"No. He's got a good job and makes good money."
"How old is he?"
"About 60."
"Is he a US citizen?"
"Yes. He has been for years."
"Why did they stop him, handcuff him, interrogate him, and keep him in custody for four hours?"
"He looked suspicious."
Well, I drove by the wedding party on my way home, and saw that the dancing is spilling out into the streets. And nobody is arresting anybody, here. Unless they've caused harm to somebody.
I think I'll stay on "the other side". I don't even care to go to Thailand anymore. When the US says "Jump!", they say, "How high?" and when the US says "Shit!", they say, "How much, and what color?"

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The Last Honest Man Gets Honester

It appears that the Unctuous Smarm, Holy Joe Lieberman, is at it again, making sow's ears out of silk purses.

Lie-by and his BFF, the cadaverous loon St. John McCain, have penned another editorial for the Wall Street Journal. Seems the two jack offs are Selling the Surge.

Lie-by and Weather Vane jump on the bandwagon and "criticize" the Assministration as such:

The Bush administration clung for too long to a flawed strategy in this war, despite growing evidence of its failure. Now advocates of withdrawal risk making the exact same mistake, by refusing to re-examine their own conviction that Gen. Petraeus's strategy cannot succeed and that the war is "lost," despite rising evidence to the contrary.

When I read the above crap from the two above dissembling whining bags of goo I become physically ill.

But, I digress. The linked blog lists several quotes over the years from the Unctuous Smarm that are somewhat divergent from the above horse crap.

A few examples:

October 29, 2001 - Target No. 2: Saddam
Destroying al Qaeda is only the first step in this war. [3 weeks after U.S. military action in Afghanistan began.]

October 7, 2002 - Our Resolution
Why Democrats should support the president on Iraq.

February 26, 2007 - The Choice on Iraq
"I appeal to my colleagues in Congress to step back and think carefully about what to do next."

September 10, 2007 - Listening to Petraeus
The president had the courage to change course on Iraq. Does Congress?

If the Dems gain clear-cut control of the Senate in 2008, Lie-by should be unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

Of course if the former happens, the Dems will probably crown Lie-by King of the Senate.

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Daylight Again?

A musical interlude on the dawn of the day of the Petraeus Bush Betray Us Cheney report to congress on progress in Iraq.

Daylight again
Following me to bed
I think about a hundred years ago
How my Fathers bled

I think I see a valley
Covered with bones in blue
All the brave soldiers that cannot get older
Been asking after you

Hear the past a' calling
From Armageddon's side
When everyone's talking and no one
Is listening
How can we decide

Do we find the cost of freedom
Buried in the ground
Mother Earth will swallow you
Lay your body down.

Rumor has it "the insurgency is in it's last throes."

(Update 11:54PM: Unsurprisingly, Petraeus Cheney is going to ask for another Friedman Unit. This should surprise no one. "Lay your bodies down, boys.")

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The Assman Cometh, again

P. M. Carpenter riffs on Little Boots' delusional insane ramblings. P. M. regularly tears the boy a new ass.

A story has circulated, and the White House hasn't denied it, that last week in Australia the president said "We're kicking ass" in Iraq. It would have been helpful had he specified who's ass it is we're kicking, if indeed there are asses being kicked independent of our self-kicked asses.


But what the hell. It was just George talking, and for some inexplicable reason this president isn't required -- not by his keepers, not by Congress, not by the Fourth Estate -- to tether his musings to reality. He's permitted to just go his own way, in his own little world, uttering imponderables with impunity.

[heh...heh...heh... again]

In Hawaii yesterday, on the way home from his excellent Anbar adventure, the president promptly gave a repeat performance of his existential disconnect, saying he "came back from Iraq encouraged by what I saw."

What he saw, of course, was nothing more than the friendly faces of 10,000 American troops and the inside walls of a heavily armed American fortress. In similar circumstances I, too, would have been encouraged, I suppose -- encouraged that I just might get my ass out of Iraq alive and in one piece, unlike the non-fortress-dwelling American troops patrolling the internecine streets of Baghdad and other Iraqi vacation spots.


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Frank Rich: As the Iraqis Stand Down, We’ll Stand Up

Rich, as always, has a good column today about the upcoming observance of Sept. 11 and the bullshit propaganda that the assministration and its sycophants will trot out.

The column recaps the original hogwash Bush's crew used to sell the war (eg. Condiliar's "We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud" ) and then gets into the more recent crapola intended to illustrate that the "Surge" is working.

One of the better examples:

A more elaborate example of administration Disneyland can be found in those bubbly Baghdad markets visited by John McCain and other dignitaries whenever the cameras roll. Last week The Washington Post discovered that at least one of them, the Dora market, is a Potemkin village, open only a few hours a day and produced by $2,500 grants (a k a bribes) bestowed on the shopkeepers. "This is General Petraeus's baby," Staff Sgt. Josh Campbell told The Post. "Personally, I think it's a false impression." Another U.S. officer said that even shops that "sell dust" or merely "intend to sell goods" are included in the Pentagon's count of the market's reopened businesses.

The talking points the assministration has cooked up to sell the Surge's Success are completely false. The entire thing is a joke.

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Bush mass for shut ins for 09-09-07

Bush mass for shut ins is on the air!


Good morning Bush worshippers, those who are ill and those who it's just best not to mix with society. May Lord God Bush bless you all for coming. For it is he who brought us life and everything else. He is a thousand points of light! He makes the sun rise in the morning, puts the frost on our flakes and puts the fruit on the trees. All praise the glory of Lord God Bush. Today we celebrate War Report.


The War Report will be made public this week and it will show we are making great progress in the Holy Oil War and will show the people what fools the liberals are for doubting George the Blessed.


Darkness at the break of noon
Shadows even the silver spoon
The handmade blade, the child's balloon
Eclipses both the sun and moon
To understand you know too soon
There is no sense in trying.

Pointed threats, they bluff with scorn
Suicide remarks are torn
From the fool's gold mouthpiece
The hollow horn plays wasted words
Proves to warn
That he not busy being born
Is busy dying.

Temptation's page flies out the door
You follow, find yourself at war
Watch waterfalls of pity roar
You feel to moan but unlike before
You discover
That you'd just be
One more person crying.

So don't fear if you hear
A foreign sound to your ear
It's alright, Ma, I'm only sighing.

As some warn victory, some downfall
Private reasons great or small
Can be seen in the eyes of those that call
To make all that should be killed to crawl
While others say don't hate nothing at all
Except hatred.

Disillusioned words like bullets bark
As human gods aim for their mark
Made everything from toy guns that spark
To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark
It's easy to see without looking too far
That not much
Is really sacred.

While preachers preach of evil fates
Teachers teach that knowledge waits
Can lead to hundred-dollar plates
Goodness hides behind its gates
But even the president of the United States
Sometimes must have
To stand naked.

An' though the rules of the road have been lodged
It's only people's games that you got to dodge
And it's alright, Ma, I can make it.

Advertising signs that con you
Into thinking you're the one
That can do what's never been done
That can win what's never been won
Meantime life outside goes on
All around you.

You lose yourself, you reappear
You suddenly find you got nothing to fear
Alone you stand with nobody near
When a trembling distant voice, unclear
Startles your sleeping ears to hear
That somebody thinks
They really found you.

A question in your nerves is lit
Yet you know there is no answer fit to satisfy
Insure you not to quit
To keep it in your mind and not fergit
That it is not he or she or them or it
That you belong to.

Although the masters make the rules
For the wise men and the fools
I got nothing, Ma, to live up to.

For them that must obey authority
That they do not respect in any degree
Who despise their jobs, their destinies
Speak jealously of them that are free
Cultivate their flowers to be
Nothing more than something
They invest in.

While some on principles baptized
To strict party platform ties
Social clubs in drag disguise
Outsiders they can freely criticize
Tell nothing except who to idolize
And then say God bless him.

While one who sings with his tongue on fire
Gargles in the rat race choir
Bent out of shape from society's pliers
Cares not to come up any higher
But rather get you down in the hole
That he's in.

But I mean no harm nor put fault
On anyone that lives in a vault
But it's alright, Ma, if I can't please him.

Old lady judges watch people in pairs
Limited in sex, they dare
To push fake morals, insult and stare
While money doesn't talk, it swears
Obscenity, who really cares
Propaganda, all is phony.

While them that defend what they cannot see
With a killer's pride, security
It blows the minds most bitterly
For them that think death's honesty
Won't fall upon them naturally
Life sometimes
Must get lonely.

My eyes collide head-on with stuffed graveyards
False gods, I scuff
At pettiness which plays so rough
Walk upside-down inside handcuffs
Kick my legs to crash it off
Say okay, I have had enough
What else can you show me?

And if my thought-dreams could be seen
They'd probably put my head in a guillotine
But it's alright, Ma, it's life, and life only.


And the holy war report was given to Lord God Bush and when it was read to him by one of his trusted servants he was quite please. Now those who openly expressed dissent against him will be shamed to silence.

What is it that the Profit Rumsfeld is trying to teach us? It is that the holy war report will show George the Blessed to be right and those who openly expressed dissent against him will be shamed to silence. This the word of George.

Bush mass is over

Your attendance has been recorded and will be sent to the proper authorities. Go in arrogance, may the Lord God George W Bush be with you.

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Jack Cafferty on lil' Boots Kicking Ass

Cafferty is a curmudgeon, but when he's whipping on Little Boots, he's a lot of fun.

Click the link to hear Jack whup up on Bootsy.

A sampling of Cafferty's remarks:

"President Bush replied, quote, 'We're kicking ass', unquote.

"That's lovely."

"I'd be willing to bet that that's the first time anyone's ever said that to the deputy Prime Minister of Australia."

Cafferty goes on to say that CNN pressed the White House for comment on Bush's remarks. The White House would neither 'confirm or deny' Mr. Bush's comment.

And the circus continues.

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Hillary's Prayer: Hillary Clinton's Religion and Politics

Mother Jones reports on Hill's religion. Long article that paints her as a lot more evangelical than I'd have guessed.

It was an elegant example of the Clinton style, a rhetorical maneuver subtle, bold, and banal all at once. During a Democratic candidate forum in June, hosted by the liberal evangelical group Sojourners, Hillary Clinton fielded a softball query about Bill's infidelity: How had her faith gotten her through the Lewinsky scandal?

After a glancing shot at Republican "pharisees," Clinton explained that, of course, her "very serious" grounding in faith had helped her weather the affair. But she had also relied on the "extended faith family" that came to her aid, "people whom I knew who were literally praying for me in prayer chains, who were prayer warriors for me."

Prayer chains and prayer warriors?

Excuse me whilst I go puke.

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"The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend"

Understanding the Contemporary Republican Party: Authoritarians Have Taken Control
Part One in a Three-Part Series


Conservatives once looked to the past for what it could teach about the present and the future. Early conservatives were traditionalists or libertarians, or a bit of both. Today, however, there are religious conservatives, economic conservatives, social conservatives, cultural conservatives, neoconservatives, traditional conservatives, and a number of other factions.

Within these factions, there is a good amount of inconsistency and variety, but the movement has long been held together through the power of negative thinking. The glue of the movement is in its perceived enemies. Conservatives once found a common concern with respect to their excessive concern about communism (not that liberals and progressive were not concerned as well, but they were neither paranoid nor willing to mount witch hunts). When communism was no longer a threat, the dysfunctional conservative movement rallied around its members' common opposition to anything they perceived as liberal. (This was, in effect, any point of view that differed from their own, whether it was liberal or not.)

To understanding conservatives thinking, it is important to examine not merely what conservatives believe, but also why they believe it. I found the answers to these two key questions in the remarkable body of empirical research work, almost a half-century in the making, undertaken by political and social psychologists who study authoritarian personalities.

While not all conservatives are authoritarians, all highly authoritarian personalities are political conservatives. To make the results of my rather lengthy inquiry very short, I found that it was the authoritarians who took control of the conservative movement in the 1980s, and then the Republican Party in the 1990s. Strikingly, these conservative Republicans - though hardly known for their timidity -- have not attempted to refute my report, because that is not possible. It is based on hard historical facts, which I set forth in considerable detail.

I've said this before; "liberals" are the new conservatives. We are united by our love of freedom. "They" are united by their hatred of us, because we're willing to fight to retain that freedom.

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What the Democrats don't understand

"Republicans will accuse Democrats of being unpatriotic no matter what the Democrats do."

Here’s what will definitely happen when Gen. David Petraeus testifies before Congress next week: he’ll assert that the surge has reduced violence in Iraq — as long as you don’t count Sunnis killed by Sunnis, Shiites killed by Shiites, Iraqis killed by car bombs and people shot in the front of the head.

Here’s what I’m afraid will happen: Democrats will look at Gen. Petraeus’s uniform and medals and fall into their usual cringe. They won’t ask hard questions out of fear that someone might accuse them of attacking the military. After the testimony, they’ll desperately try to get Republicans to agree to a resolution that politely asks President Bush to maybe, possibly, withdraw some troops, if he feels like it.

There are five things I hope Democrats in Congress will remember.

The rest of Krugman's column is at this link.

This, BTW, is no shit. Anyone shot in the front of the head doesn't count as "violence". Neither do car bombs.

Here's what the Democrats need to do to change the framing on Iraq:

Wars cost money, and Iraq is the first war in our country's history that didn't result in a tax increase. We are passing on the cost of this war to our children.

All funding for the war in Iraq should come out of a clearly defined tax increase which will sunset when the war ends. "If the war in Iraq is worth fighting it should be supported by ALL Americans, not just our our brave fighting men and women."

The military is stressed to the point where any drawdowns in troops will be due to that, not to any "progress" in Iraq. "If the war is worth fighting it should be supported by the military-age children of ALL Americans, so a 'no-exceptions' draft will be instituted to provide the support for our brave fighting men and women."

If the GOP and the President don't allow these sane, simple measures to support the troops, it will be them who has demonstrated that they don't "support the troops" or the mission in Iraq. Therefore, "we will present exactly one bill to the President, containing these provisions, or no bill at all. If the President vetoes this bill it is he who has ended funding for a war he refuses to support for political reasons."

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How'd That Duke Rape Case Play Out?

Just glad I kept my mouth shut on the topic, you know who you are....

Mike Nifong has reported to jail to serve one day in jail for contempt of court violations. This ends the long saga of the Duke Lacrosse rape allegations.

When Nifong showed up to the Durham County Detention Facility he was with his wife, children, and others.

Nifong was disbarred for his prosecution of the players which made International headlines. The allegations proved false and the charges the players were dropped.

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Joshy Hits Close to Home

I don't gainsay the danger or destructive power of the man. I still remember Rick Hertzberg's quote just after 9/11 that the attacks were as brilliant as they were evil. (This is from memory: so I may have the precise words wrong. But he well captured the way in which the horror and evil of the attacks were matched by their diabolical ingeniusness.) But as an articulator of a vision, an expounder of "Islamofascism," or whatever the new trademarked word is now, he's about as coherent and comprehensible as a 9th tier blogger or one of those whacks sitting on a stoop in Union Square talking about fascism and Texas oil barons before they get overcome by the shakes or decide to start collecting more aluminum cans.

Brilliant as they were evil?

Not really.

Stupidly pedestrian and mundane to be honest with you.

Everybody knew about flying airplanes into buildings Joshy.

Oh and "9th Tier Bloggers?"

"Stoop Sitters With the Shakes talking about Fascism and Texas Oil Barons?"

Nah, it's not about Fascism, there, Joshy, it's about Tyranny.

Hardly a difference but do you know what it is?

And BTW, could you PLEASE hide the cables running from the screens and dangling down the walls of The Great Veracifier?

Did anybody look at Joshie's great interview with John Edwards?

Yeah, Joshy, I already came up with the trick of using shower curtains for back drops.

The only question I have is why John Edwards would plant his ass on your stupid Goddamn set.

Course you had some really good hand motions there which were intended to describe something that you weren't, for some reason, simply communicating with your mouth.

And what's wrong with RECYCLING ALUMINUM CANS, Joshy?


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Get This

Absolutely off-topic.

Cubase SE for $40.

Has 16 VST slots.

You can then go to KVR audio and download VST instruments (synthesizers of an amazing array) all day long.

Then lay down your tracks on top.

(I have to form my "bands" on top of these because I do not work nor play well with others, heh heh.)

Any interest in computer music at all: Get this.

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Dazed Bush forgets what country he's in, what summit he's at

And in the "it's better to laugh than it is to cry" department, Little Boots has been mis-speaking again. This time it's on his trip "Down Under". One has to wonder how in the world a son of a bitch as dumb as this idiot ever got elected to anything more complicated than dog catcher.

President Bush's trademark struggles with the finer points of public speaking were on full display Friday, when he thanked his "Austrian" hosts for inviting him to this year's "OPEC" summit.

The "Language Mangler-in-Chief" was in Australia attending the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit. Along with misidentifying his host country and the name of the summit, Bush struggled to leave the lectern, trying to exit the stage the wrong way.


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Friday funny

Recently, while going through an airport during one of his many trips, pResident Bush encountered a man with long gray hair and beard, wearing a white robe and sandals, holding a staff. pResident Bush went up to the man and said, "Has anyone told you that you look like Moses?" The man didn't answer. He just kept staring straight ahead.

The pResident said, "Moses!" in a loud voice. The man just stared ahead, never acknowledging the pResident.

The pResident pulled a Secret Service agent aside and, pointing to the robed man, asked him, "Am I crazy or does that man not look like Moses to you The Secret Service agent looked at the man and agreed.

"Well," said the pResident, "every time I say his name, he ignores me and stares straight ahead, refusing to speak. Watch!"
Again the pResident yelled, "Moses!" and again the man ignored him.

The Secret Service agent went up to the man in the white robe and whispered, "You look just like Moses. Are you Moses?"

The man leaned over and whispered back, "Shhhh! Yes, I am Moses. The last time I talked to a bush, I spent 40 years wandering in the desert and ended up leading my people to the only spot in the entire Middle East with no oil."


OK, I don't know how funny that joke is as I received it in my email, but now think about this: George Bush's "Arbusto" ("shrub" or "bush" in spanish, but sure sounds like "bust" to me) oil company explored all over TX for oil and they didn't find any, either!

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Another Friedman Unit

Report: Betray Us Petraeus wants to maintain surge till spring

The top U.S. commander in Iraq says he wants to continue the troop buildup there until next spring, amid divisions in the Bush administration over whether to bring some forces home months earlier than that.

When he delivers a much-anticipated report to Congress on Monday, Army Gen. David Betray Us Petraeus said he expects to advise that there could be a gradual reduction of forces beginning in the spring because of some of the successes acheived so far with the escalation ordered by President Bush in January.


GAO: Iraq Hasn't Met 11 of 18 Benchmarks

Betray Us Petraeus: "It has not worked out as we had hoped."

The Democrats need to put their mouths where our money is when it comes to funding the next couple of Friedman Units in Iraq.

"We will present President Bush with exactly one bill. If he vetoes it, funding for the war will end. The bill will acknowledge that if the war is worth fighting it is worth paying for in blood and money. It will contain provisions for a tax increase to cover the costs of the war to date and into the future, and it will contain a 'no loopholes (for the chickenhawk sons and daughters of wealthy Republicans) draft'."

I'd want it to include language to the effect that anyone who votes for the war is subjecting their immediate family (sons, daughters, spouses, cousins...) to "first place honors" in the draft and a guaranteed they'd be in the infantry, but I'd be willing to compromise on that, I suppose. You have to compromise somewhere.

I'd also be willing to add a clause to sunset the tax increase when the war ends, but again, we have to compromise on some things, right?

I think you get the drift.

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Non-political Me

Remember when w_pos_hamilton was bitching about corruption in the Lao PDR? The customs officials are the ones I hear people complain about, and the Prime Minister recently issued a decree that basically said they're going to start comparing customs officials' incomes with their possessions.
Some people think something will come of this, and some people don't.
My next door neighbor is a customs official, and the guy who owns the land I'm squatting on is also, and they're nice, friendly and helpful people. So when I hear the police and army people sometimes rather angrily complain about corruption in customs, I just kind of shrug my shoulders.
A couple of days ago, one of my fellow professors called me to ask some questions about English translation. He's translating the Prime Minister's decree for the international company he works for.
The government is setting up an anti-corruption committee, and the professor wanted to know what words to use.
At first, I said "investigate", but then I changed that, and suggested he use the word "monitor", instead. In my opinion, "investigate" kind of presumes that something IS wrong, while "monitor" kind of says they're just watching to make sure that nothing GOES wrong.
The professor chuckled and thanked me.
Sometimes when I get called on these translation questions, I'd just like to say I don't know English very well. I'd sure hate to put my foot in my mouth.

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Airport Police Report on Larry Craig

I got the Adobe file at the link from a friend over email.

Apparently, it's the airport policeman's report on Larry Craig "lewd behavior" in the airport bathroom.

This one is pretty weird...

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USAG Christopher Christie Is A Loyal bushie

Just another partisan frame job by the White House and released to the public at one specific time in order to distract from Senator Crapsniffer....

11 Government Officials Arrested
U.S. Attorney General Christopher Christie, courtesy of

Scott Goldstein
Trenton Bureau

Eleven New Jersey public officials, including two state assemblymen, were arrested this morning by FBI agents and charged with accepting bribes in exchange for awarding public contracts in school districts and municipalities. Those charged include Assemblyman Mims Hackett, Jr.(D-Essex), who is also the mayor of Orange; Assemblyman Rev. Alfred E. Steele (D-Passaic), from Paterson; Samuel Rivera, the mayor of Passaic; and Keith Reid, the chief of staff to Newark City Council President Mildred Crump. All of them are Democrats.


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GAO Criticizes Homeland Security's Efforts to Fulfill Its Mission

In what is a totally unsurprising and predictable conclusion, the GAO finds that the Dept of Homeland Security has been sitting around with its virtual thumb in its ass for the past several years.

From the report:

Hobbled by inadequate funding, unclear priorities, continuing reorganizations and the absence of an overarching strategy, the Department of Homeland Security is failing to achieve its mission of preventing and responding to terrorist attacks or natural disasters, according to a comprehensive report by the Government Accountability Office.

The highly critical report disputes recent upbeat assessments by the Bush administration by concluding that the DHS has failed to make even moderate progress toward eight of 14 internal government benchmarks more than four years after its creation.

The upbeat assessments given recently by the assministration are reminiscent of Little Boots' remarks in Australia yesterday that the US is "kicking ass" in Iraq. While that may be true, it's not something to be proud of when one is kicking one's own ass.

Also from the article:

In one of its harshest conclusions, the 320-page document states that the DHS has made the least progress toward some of the fundamental goals identified after the 2001 attacks and again after Hurricane Katrina in August 2005: improving emergency preparedness; capitalizing on the nation's wealth and scientific prowess through "Manhattan project"-style research initiatives; and eliminating bureaucratic and technical barriers to information-sharing.

Also predictably, Skeletor (Chertoff) disagrees with the GAO report:

At a hearing before the House Homeland Security Committee yesterday, Secretary Michael Chertoff sought to preempt the GAO's findings, saying the Bush administration has "unequivocally" made the nation safer since 2001 and deserves credit for the absence of another strike on U.S. soil.

At the time, "no one would have been bold enough to predict that six years would pass without a further successful attack on the homeland," Chertoff said. He also complained that Congress itself has failed to streamline its oversight of the DHS.

This dimbulb apparently is proud of the DHS response to Hurricane Katrina and Rita, which speaks volumes.

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Bush Knew

Sidney Blumenthal's latest revelation has begun to make it's way around the internet. Problem is, ask the guy sitting next to you if he's ever heard of the Office of Special Plans. Odds are, the media cover up of the way the WH stove-piped the data is still keeping Americans in the dark about how determined the WH was to only "see" the evidence that supported their lust for war.

On Sept. 18, 2002, CIA director George Tenet briefed President Bush in the Oval Office on top-secret intelligence that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction, according to two former senior CIA officers. Bush dismissed as worthless this information from the Iraqi foreign minister, a member of Saddam's inner circle, although it turned out to be accurate in every detail. Tenet never brought it up again.

Nor was the intelligence included in the National Intelligence Estimate of October 2002, which stated categorically that Iraq possessed WMD. No one in Congress was aware of the secret intelligence that Saddam had no WMD as the House of Representatives and the Senate voted, a week after the submission of the NIE, on the Authorization for Use of Military Force in Iraq. The information, moreover, was not circulated within the CIA among those agents involved in operations to prove whether Saddam had WMD.

In a development that would make the uber-right-wing "christian" kooks pause to consider their propenisty to "follow the leader", "The National Coalition of American Nuns is impelled by conscience to call you to act promptly to impeach President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney." Of course, what could a bunch of nuns know when they disagree with Pat Robertson, right?

And don't forget the fun to come in Senate hearings to approve Bush's next nominee for AG. Here's a taste of Chertoff's "impartiality" when it comes to politicking from the people's most powerful legal position. I've been down on the Democrats, lately, but these hearings will serve as a reminder that control of the Senate does matter.

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Fun Link o' the Day

Mitt vs. Mitt

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Remember this?

I didn't want this to get lost in that last post.

"National Guard Confiscating Guns in New Orleans"

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Declaration of Independence, revisited

Had enough, yet? Apparently not. All the same, let's take another look at the Declaration of Independence, placed in a more modern light...

(MUCH more after the jump.)


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Word of the Day

"Hasid Shotah" means Pious Idiot. The Talmud gives the example of a man who sees a woman drowning but will not save her lest he touch her.

The USA is a Hasid Shotah nation, in which we don't have a functional national healthcare system; lest the edge of our loafer brush against "Communism".

Surely you, dear reader, can suggest other examples?

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You'll Wind Up Like These God-Foresaken Troops....

McCain ended the exchange in his quintessential style: "Thanks for the question, you little jerk. ... You're drafted."

Yer a funny funny bastard, McCain.

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Point; Laugh

``I think the next three to four months are critical,'' Odierno told reporters. ``I think that if we can continue to do what we are doing, we'll get to such a level where we think we can do it with less troops.''

And nothing else.

Point and laugh every single time they do this.

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Post-Mortem America

"The Worsening Nightmare" discusses not only how war with Iran may be inevitable, but why I (and most likely you, whoever you are reading this), feel powerless to stop the madness, even as we recognize it as such. "What dooms us is the current conspiracy of silence: a culture where no one dares to identify with stark clarity what is at stake, and what will result from our actions." Then read as Chris Floyd spells out why, "if we cannot take large actions, then we must take small ones" and why we may become even more isolated in "Bush's Year of Triumph and the Hard Way Ahead."

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When moderates feel lost in the GOP

A Missouri state senator abruptly declares himself a Democrat, angrily citing the influence of social conservatives.

RAYMORE, MO. -- Talk about a nasty divorce. In an announcement last month that left Missouri politicos agape, state Sen. Chris Koster, a rising Republican star and chairman of the Senate's GOP caucus, abruptly declared himself a Democrat.

Not only did Koster join the marginalized minority party in Missouri, but he did so with a thundering speech that lambasted his former colleagues as ignoring the needs of their constituents and slavishly following the dictates of "religious extremists."

You can't be a Republican any more unless you're a whacked-out, uber-religious, pro-theocracy nutball.

Moderates (and sane people) should flee the party in droves.

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Pray for peace in Basra

The latest GOP talking point is "You want to talk about how we got in because you don't have a plan to get us out", or variations on that theme.

To put it mildly, this is a blatant fucking lie.

(Please keep reading after the jump.)


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No Mention of Representing Constituents

But "Representative Democracy" is not really what they're about....

The White House arranged Bush's trip at a pivotal juncture in the Iraq debate. Some prominent GOP lawmakers have broken with Bush on his war strategy, but so far, most Republicans have stood with Bush. In exchange for their loyalty, they want to see substantial progress in Iraq soon.

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Custer "stayed the course"

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Bush mass for shut ins 09-02-07

Bush mass for shut ins is on the air!


Good morning Bush worshippers, those who are ill and those who it's just best not to mix with society. May Lord God Bush bless you all for coming. For it is he who brought us life and everything else. He is a thousand points of light! He makes the sun rise in the morning, puts the frost on our flakes and puts the fruit on the trees. All praise the glory of Lord God Bush. Today we celebrate Victory.


Victory is something holy republicans achieve all the time. Whatever they do it is a victory. When the evil libs claim victory they havent won, they just are delusional.


Far between sundown's finish an' midnight's broken toll
We ducked inside the doorway, thunder crashing
As majestic bells of bolts struck shadows in the sounds
Seeming to be the chimes of freedom flashing
Flashing for the warriors whose strength is not to fight
Flashing for the refugees on the unarmed road of flight
An' for each an' ev'ry underdog soldier in the night
An' we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

In the city's melted furnace, unexpectedly we watched
With faces hidden while the walls were tightening
As the echo of the wedding bells before the blowin' rain
Dissolved into the bells of the lightning
Tolling for the rebel, tolling for the rake
Tolling for the luckless, the abandoned an' forsaked
Tolling for the outcast, burnin' constantly at stake
An' we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

Through the mad mystic hammering of the wild ripping hail
The sky cracked its poems in naked wonder
That the clinging of the church bells blew far into the breeze
Leaving only bells of lightning and its thunder
Striking for the gentle, striking for the kind
Striking for the guardians and protectors of the mind
An' the unpawned painter behind beyond his rightful time
An' we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

Through the wild cathedral evening the rain unraveled tales
For the disrobed faceless forms of no position
Tolling for the tongues with no place to bring their thoughts
All down in taken-for-granted situations
Tolling for the deaf an' blind, tolling for the mute
Tolling for the mistreated, mateless mother, the mistitled prostitute
For the misdemeanor outlaw, chased an' cheated by pursuit
An' we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

Even though a cloud's white curtain in a far-off corner flashed
An' the hypnotic splattered mist was slowly lifting
Electric light still struck like arrows, fired but for the ones
Condemned to drift or else be kept from drifting
Tolling for the searching ones, on their speechless, seeking trail
For the lonesome-hearted lovers with too personal a tale
An' for each unharmful, gentle soul misplaced inside a jail
An' we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

Starry-eyed an' laughing as I recall when we were caught
Trapped by no track of hours for they hanged suspended
As we listened one last time an' we watched with one last look
Spellbound an' swallowed 'til the tolling ended
Tolling for the aching ones whose wounds cannot be nursed
For the countless confused, accused, misused, strung-out ones an' worse
An' for every hung-up person in the whole wide universe
An' we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.


And Lord God Bush looked down upon the people and proclaimed `Mission accomplished`. Those who did not believe him were labeled heretics and faced eternal condemnation.

What is it that the Profit Rumsfeld is trying to teach us? It is that George the Blessed has declared victory and those who did not believe were labeled heretics and faced eternal condemnation. This the word of George.

Bush mass is over

Your attendance has been recorded and will be sent to the proper authorities. Go in arrogance, may the Lord God George W Bush be with you.

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Benchmarks Unmet

Indeed, for all the rhetoric we've heard, as of this week, "none of the 115 'critical priority projects' identified by city officials" for publicly funded rebuilding efforts "has been completed." Of the $34 billion "earmarked for long-term rebuilding," less than half "has made its way through federal checks and balances to reach municipal projects.

(Steve Benen)

Who cares {yawn}?

At least Mississippi got theirs.

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Did you think the Craig story was big?

Check this out:

A post on DU.

The linked blog post.

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All of my days

This is the guy who did "Orange Sky". I first heard this song on a late-night drive home from a peace rally in DC.

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