Rising From The Ashes

Like the mythical Phoenix rising from the ashes, Michael Brown seems to have risen from his failed position as head of FEMA. While water rather than fire consumed "Brownie", he has recently been able to keep his head above the floodwaters that drowned an American city by floating and treading water long enough to play the blame game along with the rest of the administration and has succeeded in breaking the fingers that had been pointing at him.

The recently released video of George W. Bush being given the information that the strength of Hurricane Katrina could indeed overwhelm the levees has exposed Mr. Bush's lie that. "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees."

Brownie had embroidered a pillow with the maxim, "All things come to those who wait." He waited. Now, with one of the few remaining unbroken fingers on the Blame Game Team, he is pointing his at Director of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff and Mr. Bush, showing his skill as an offensive player to be even better than his position on defense.

With all of the scandals plaguing the Bush administration, and the Republican Party: lying, spying, torture, wars and corruption, to name just a few, there are many survival skills Brownie could coach them on, starting with embroidery. Mr. Bush is himself quite skilled at avoiding blame and assigning it elsewhere, but is usually criticized and results in plummeting poll numbers. A pillow sporting the phrase, "The buck stops here" would certainly be deleted from Mr. Bush's embroidery class schedule.

Brownie has succeeded in making himself appear to be the "victim" of blame. This is certainly a skill Republicans can use in the upcoming mid-term elections. Americans love an underdog.

Could Brownie make Americans believe that the Congressional Republicans were the victims of Jack Abramoff, because after all, he was the one who offered the bribes? It stands to reason that had no bribes been offered, no one could have accepted them. If Brownie could do that, he would be really good. Of course, all of America would have to embroider pillows that read, "There's a sucker born every minute."

If Brownie could deflect even one of the many failures of this administration, it would be a boon. Short of passing the Kool-aid at the voting booths, a class in "The Best Defense is a Good Offense 101" taught by Michael Brown may be the best hope of the Republican Party for this November.