I was digging through some old files recently and found this. It's part of the German television feed of Bush, just prior to his nationally televised announcement that the war in Iraq had begun. Given the way that's worked out, watch the clip and decide for yourself what you think of his demeanor on that historic day. Link. (Right click and "save as" will work. 11.3MB)

Peace Takes Courage (Hi Res original)

The White House Easter Egg hunt has a surprise visitor.

With sites like Crooks and Liars and You Tube (did you catch this Pink video?) out there I haven't published a video in a while, now, but this one was just too good to pass up. Bush and Rummy do "Gold Digger". (3.7 meg)

Church boots members who won't repent for Kerry vote.

Eminem's "Mosh the Vote". (Right click to download.) Lyrics

Download Fahrenheit 911 here.

This is my all time favorite MoveOn.org ad. Seriously. (5.91 meg)

This is a "Get Out the Vote" commercial I've always wanted to see.

George W. Bush tells a joke in a bar on the campaign trail. (Hilarious!)

Howard Dean's speech in Iowa, as seen from the crowd. (File downloaded from http://www.idiomstudio.com/ ) You didn't get the crowd noise in the clips that were shown on "the teevee". See if you can spot the difference. Then see if you still trust the media.

The Ad that CBS doesn't want you to see.

Bush in 41.2 seconds.

And now for something COMPLETELY different: Right Now

Actual quotes from the Bush administration on why they had to go to war.

(Make sure your sound is on.)

Move on is collecting 30 second ads for the 2004 election. The 15 finalists can be seen here. (Turn on your speakers.)

Term Eliminator: Total Davis Recall - Rise of the Electronic Voting Machines

Electronic Voting

Bill O'Lielly dressing down Jeremy Glick for not being a Bush ass-kisser. (Audio only.)

Do you want your vote counted in 2004? Maybe you'd better decide whether you want to vote GOP, or keep the election honest, this time. Do you remember the "Republican Riot"? (8 meg file, right click to "save as".)

A powerful new video from takebackthemedia: An Army of One (donate if you can.)

Robert DeNiro plays the new director of Homeland Security on SNL. (926K)

Where has all the power gone?

Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt". The MTV music awards are a corporate sham.

The End Of The World



The line that got Mike Weiner (aka "Savage") fired from MSNBC

The Quest for the Oily Grail

Idiot Son of an Asshole

Catchy tune about Republicans



Unbrand America

Fool me once (845K, right click and "save as")

In July 1986 bush vowed to never again hit the sauce. This video (6.57 meg, right click and "save as") was shot at the August 29, 1992 wedding of Jamie Weiss, the daughter of Dubya's close friends Mike and Nancy Weiss. You decide.

A site full of flash movies

(My favorite from the site)


bush debates bush on the Daily Show

A love song

(right click and "save as" for a keeper)

A3...not really a video, but a REALLY cool site.

(Make sure your popups are enabled for this one.)

The most incredibly bad music video ever made.

bush and tony the poodle sing "gay bar"