Online Petition to Boycott ESPN Due To Hiring of Rush Limbaugh

Upadate: My letter is below. Some other "regulars" sent theirs within a day or two. I thought other readers might enjoy them, as well as be able to  use them as a "template", so they're reproduced following mine.

I sent the following letter to ESPN, tonight.

I thought that you should know why I will be actively working to see that your show, "ESPN's Sunday NFL countdown", will not be watched by a large number of former viewers until rush limbaugh is removed from ESPN's payroll.

Allowing more air time, on your network, to the man who *said that the underdog New England Patriots were "socialists" after their victory in Superbowl XXXVI is extremely distasteful and utterly disrespectful to a large number of Americans.

Will you please send me a list of the sponsors of ESPN's NFL Sunday so that I can let them know why I will be working to get those companies on every boycott list that I can find, in America? If not, I will be forced to watch the show once, and obtain the sponsor's names that way. It is my belief that they deserve to know why they will be seeing a drop in sales of their products. I will be encouraging everyone that I discuss this with to write to your sponsors to let them know why they don't support your decision, too.

Dignifying Mr. limbaugh, a man who consistently targets dead people, little girls, and the homeless--none of whom can fight back, by granting him even more air time is completely unacceptable.



(*"Nobody sacrificed anything on the Patriots for the greater good!" exclaimed Limbaugh in response during yesterday's national broadcast. "That's so close to the Communist Manifesto, it's frightening. ...

"These are socialists, folks, this is what you have got to understand. To Sen. Kennedy, the New England Patriots typify socialism. That's what he means when he talks about a bunch of people sacrificing, believing in each other, working together for the greater good.")


Dear ESPN,

When I heard the word "ESPN", I used to automatically think Tony Hawk. Young, cool, attractive, athletic, sexy, NICE.

Now, the word "ESPN" triggers an immediate image of Rush Limbaugh. Old, has-been, ugly, bloated, repellant, ODIOUS.

Either you aren't interested in viewers with my tastes; or somebody in charge of your corporate brand needs to lose their job for gross incompetence.

Very Sincerly,


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I am admittedly not a huge sports fan and don't, as a rule, watch ESPN or "ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown". I do, however, watch the news and was shocked and dismayed when I heard that Rush Limbaugh would be joining that show later this year. To put it quite frankly, Mr. Limbaugh is a bigot who targets, on his radio program, and in the most disgusting terms he can think of, people who he disagrees with. He has targeted, and defamed, blacks, woman, the homeless, and many other groups over the years. He has no place on your program, or on your station.

Because I rarely watch ESPN now, you may not care that I won't because of this. But you might care if I, and others like me, start to write letters to your sponsors protesting your employment of Mr. Limbaugh, of one of the most hateful commentators in radio today, and start boycotting their products because of that sponsorship. And I will watch your program to get the names of those sponsors, if I can find them in no other way.

While Mr. Limbaugh is a personality, I don't think he is the type of personality you want to have associated with either your program, or your station. I suggest you reconsider having Mr. Limbaugh as part of "ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown".



(Created Sunday, August 03, 2003, 12:51:53 AM)