Taking action, getting involved

"Without the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, we are defending dirt."
- Timbuk3

In his first press conference after Senator Kerry's concession, Mr. Bush told us that he will "reach out to everyone who shares our goals." This is not rocket science, folks. You are being told that unless you share his goals you are not welcome at the party.

There are a lot of ideas floating around, right now, and I'm not going to claim that I know what all of them are. Please understand that this page will be updated, by necessity, as our ideas gel and a consensus is reached. For now, here are some of the ideas that I've heard about. I've tried to include information on what you can do to help and links to relevant resources.

1) Be PROUD: First, hold your head high. We did NOT "suffer a humiliating defeat", we lost in a squeaker. If 70,000 people had voted for Kerry instead of Bush in Ohio we would be talking about "President-elect Kerry" and I'd be retired from this. Here's something you can do right away; turn your back on Bush.

2) Be LOUD!: Write your congressman, ESPECIALLY if they're a Democrat, and tell them that nothing has changed. You will continue to support him, but you still expect him/her to represent you. I've learned that it's best if you do this in your own words, but I've also learned that some people need a little push to get started. Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to my two Democratic Senators.

3) Let your money talk: Throw the money changers out of our government. (There are enough links and ideas that I had to put up a FAQ here.) Money has taken over politics and the pathetic reforms that have been enacted (like McCain-Feingold) are quickly skirted.  Stop spending and supporting an economy that is turning into a war machine and not much else. This is only prudent, as you may need it soon. The dollar is falling and foreign governments are no longer interested in financing our debt.

4) Get off the defensive: "Liberal" is NOT a dirty word, but after years of indoctrination you'd have a hard time convincing the average American of that. The next time you hear the word "liberal" followed by a roll of the eyes, say "Oh, I know what you mean. Those liberals aren't at all like those Republicans since the party was hijacked. All they want now is WAR and DEFICITS while they look for new ways of IMPOSING THEIR RIGHT WING MORAL JUDGMENTS on us. They're spending our children's future!" Get your own head straight and stop apologizing. Let THEM explain which democrats have "belittled their values" or "looked down their nose" at them. THEY are the ones in power, now, and THEY are belittling US.