by "dogs run free"


There seems to be this fear among Americans about oppressiveness of the state. As if the government is an entity to be avoided. Any time social reforms or government regulations are suggested, everyone thinks “communist plot!” where does this reaction come from?

The first three words of the constitution are “WE THE PEOPLE…” Does that mean we are afraid of ourselves? I think not.

The reason democracy survives is it is based on majority rule, personal freedoms and not any particular “ISM” social or economic. We have a capitalist economy not because the founders decided that’s the way to go but because it works.

Capitalism like our freedom has to have rules to live by. Those rules are called laws, the basic framework of which were created by the constitution.

The corporation was invented early in the colonial era as a way for the aristocracy to finance the colonization of the world.

It’s ironic that Orwell’s novel, 1984, depicted a society controlled by “THE PARTY”.



When Ronald Reagan was president (1984) he promoted the idea that government was the problem, and that capitalism was the answer to all economic and social needs. They claimed if you “get the government off the backs of business”, the benefits will trickle down and we will ALL be better off. What has that policy gotten us? A better society?

What we really have is a “corporate society” with two full time workers in the family (if we’re lucky enough to be able to both find jobs) just to make ends meet. The other "nuisances", such as labor unions, have been kept at bay. The boardrooms of America control almost all of the assets of our country. They control, by means of the almighty dollar, the government, the TV media, press and are working hard to control the minds of WE THE PEOPLE.

BIG BROTHER is watching you but it’s not the government. Microsoft, insurance, drug, mortgage, and credit card companies, banks, even WalMart knows more about you than the government ever will. Civil Service employees are bound by law not to reveal personal information. What laws does Bill Gates abide by?

WE THE PEOPLE can take back OUR government. The American people are great at solving problems. But only if we understand what the problems really are.